Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu Mud Master-C Concept

Way up on the list of coolest concepts in Tokyo is Daihatsu's Mud Master-C, a decked-out and widened version of the company's Hijet van. It's powered by an inline three-cylinder, 12-valve mud-mastering powerplant. Could jacked-up keivans be the next big thing in Japanese automotive obsessions? Keep an eye out for … » 10/25/07 3:00am 10/25/07 3:00am

Volkswagen Space Up! Concept

Here in Tokyo yesterday, Volkswagen rolled out the latest small-car concept based on its new Up! platform. That is, a longer, taller version of the rear-engined Up! shown in Frankfurt, with more room for IKEA furniture, stuffed animals or assorted cartons of ethnic curries. It's the product of a design team led by… » 10/25/07 2:00am 10/25/07 2:00am

OK kids, it's now 4:30 AM here and although it's been fun, the night (or is it day shift — whatever, all one of me) has to retire for a few hours of shuteye. The rest of the team here in Tokyo should be waking up shortly to continue providing you all of your Tokyo Auto Show goodness. It's been a pleasure. » 10/24/07 3:15pm 10/24/07 3:15pm

Down on the Tokyo: Ford Bronco

There I was in Shoto, killing time while you grease monkeys were asleep, and hunting for weirdness when I spotted this establishment. Anything look out of place? Yeah, I know, my first stab was also a "Standard Deli" in the middle of this city, but that's not it. That fully tricked out 1971 Bronco being used as a prop… » 10/24/07 3:00pm 10/24/07 3:00pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Yamaha Sakura Concept Reveal

We're going to be honest here, the press package shots for the Yamaha Sakura didn't really get us in a huff. Something in them felt inauthentic, contrived even. I imagined a rocket designer complaining about doing a design only his grandpa would drive. In person, that's just not the case. This is a very handsome bike.… » 10/24/07 2:15pm 10/24/07 2:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Honda CB1100F Revealed

There are few two-wheeled death machines in the world able to exploit all of my personal weaknesses simultaneously — the Honda CB1100F revealed here at the Tokyo Auto Show, would have to be one such motorcycle. The live reveal shots in the gallery are pure sex on wheels. Those earlier press photos? They do this bike… » 10/24/07 1:45pm 10/24/07 1:45pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Fuel Cell Powered Suzuki Crosscage Revealed

There you have it folks, proof that if you lock engineers in a room with a bag of LSD, it's possible for amazing things to happen. Somehow the magicians at Suzuki managed to cram an entire fuel cell system into the skeletal frame of the Suzuki Crosscage. It is a bit on the awkward-looking side. But it's the tech… » 10/24/07 1:00pm 10/24/07 1:00pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Honda EVO6 Spoiler

Let's play a game of 'what's missing from this picture' with the Honda EVO6, revealed live today at the Tokyo Auto Show. It will be hard, because we missed it at first and we were standing in front of the thing. Give up? No shifter. Yeah, it's an auto transmission. That's about enough said about this here bike. Would… » 10/24/07 12:30pm 10/24/07 12:30pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Finally

After all of the teases, web reveals and even some tiny show in Sydney — we've finally had the chance to see the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in person here at the Tokyo Auto Show and what can we say that hasn't already been said? Well, we'll add that we thought it was weird for Mitsu to choose the notoriously… » 10/24/07 12:15pm 10/24/07 12:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Honda Unveils CB1100R

We already dropped a couple bikes on you, but we missed the first of the lot revealed here at the Tokyo Motor Show (so that's why they call it "Motor" rather than "Auto," eh?). Here are the first real life shots of the Honda CB1100R we first showed you on Monday and which was the first bike seeing the sheet ripped off… » 10/24/07 11:15am 10/24/07 11:15am

Tokyo Motor Show: Day One Round-Up

In case you're wondering, it was a wild and wacky first day here at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. Here's what you missed last night if you didn't stay up with us throughout our first day of coverage — or at least here's a round-up of what we thought were the top five stories:

1.) Godzilla is Back! Nissan revealed the… » 10/24/07 10:45am 10/24/07 10:45am

Tokyo Motor Show: Honda CR-Z Concept Car

We're totally digging the fact that the hybrid concept sports car cold war between Honda and Toyota just became a little bit more warm with the introduction and reveal of Honda's latest concept — the Honda CR-Z. It's a look at both the next-generation of hybrid technology and exterior design for the Japanese automaker… » 10/24/07 10:30am 10/24/07 10:30am

Tokyo Motor Show: Sleek Suzuki Biplane Revealed

Wow. Just wow. Even if the execution of biplane inspiration is questionable, this thing is flipping gorgeous. I'm quite certain a twenty minute ride would have you begging for the sweet release of death, but you would look really cool during those twenty minutes. Just think of all the broken necks you'd cause in the… » 10/24/07 10:00am 10/24/07 10:00am

Tokyo Motor Show: New Nissan GT-R, Now In Bra-less Video

We've seen the new Nissan GT-R in spy videos and spy photos before, and we've seen the new Nissan GT-R live at the reveal, but we've never seen it fully without camouflage. Now, thanks to the wonderfully Franco-Nihon Nissan, we've got some video sans sound for your visual enjoyment. Godzilla here, along with a bowl… » 10/24/07 8:15am 10/24/07 8:15am

Tokyo Motor Show: Super Rad Volvo Duett

If you were on a roadside picnic in Sweden in the mid-1950s, you and your basket lunch of herring in reindeer sauce may have been transported in one of these. It's the Volvo Duett, a wagon also known as the P445. The perfectly restored model, complete with wood-slat cargo area, took center stage at Volvo's Tokyo show… » 10/24/07 7:00am 10/24/07 7:00am

Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki X-Head Concept

The second layer in Suzuki's Tokyo awesomeness involves a small SUV concept for those who commute with a large quantity of sporting equipment. It's the Suzuki X-Head concept, a smallish truck prototype that looks like the product of misguided congress between a big rig and a Suzuki Mighty Boy. We'll take one in… » 10/24/07 3:31am 10/24/07 3:31am

Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki Concept Kizashi 2

Suzuki came through with one of the best concepts of the show, the Kizashi 2. It's a new version of the Kizashi concept the company showed in Frankfurt. Under the hood is the suze's highest-displacement engine ever, a 3.6-liter V6. Among the concept cars here, this should win the Should Have a 472 ci Cadillac V8… » 10/24/07 3:00am 10/24/07 3:00am

Tokyo Motor Show: Subaru WRX Impreza STI

The good news is, the Subaru WRX STI looks way better than its lesser siblings in the 2008 Impreza lineup. That's mainly a function of the angular muscularity of the fender flares. The bad news is, those flamboyantly plasticular taillights likely won't look good on a darker colored car. The model again will provide… » 10/24/07 1:58am 10/24/07 1:58am

Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan GT-R Revealed

UPDATE: Now we've got video of the new G-TR!Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn personally introduced the star of the Tokyo auto show, the long-awaited Porsche 911 Turbo challenger, the GT-R. Never have we seen such a crush of photographers angling to snag the first public offering of the new, maskless Nissan. It was like a… » 10/24/07 1:19am 10/24/07 1:19am

Tokyo Motor Show: Volkswagen Space Up! Concept Car

Here in Tokyo, V-Dub's just revealed a new version of it's Up! concept car revealed last month during the Frankfurt Auto Show. Unlike the last one, a micro-car measuring a minuscule 3.45 meters, this one's giant. And by giant, we mean it's 3.68 meters long. Yes, yes, it's ginormous — exactly 23 centimeters longer than… » 10/23/07 11:30pm 10/23/07 11:30pm