OK kids, it's now 4:30 AM here and although it's been fun, the night (or is it day shift — whatever,

OK kids, it's now 4:30 AM here and although it's been fun, the night (or is it day shift — whatever, all one of me) has to retire for a few hours of shuteye. The rest of the team here in Tokyo should be waking up shortly to continue providing you all of your Tokyo Auto Show goodness. It's been a pleasure. »10/24/07 3:15pm10/24/07 3:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Fuel Cell Powered Suzuki Crosscage Revealed

There you have it folks, proof that if you lock engineers in a room with a bag of LSD, it's possible for amazing things to happen. Somehow the magicians at Suzuki managed to cram an entire fuel cell system into the skeletal frame of the Suzuki Crosscage. It is a bit on the awkward-looking side. But it's the tech… »10/24/07 1:00pm10/24/07 1:00pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, Finally

After all of the teases, web reveals and even some tiny show in Sydney — we've finally had the chance to see the new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in person here at the Tokyo Auto Show and what can we say that hasn't already been said? Well, we'll add that we thought it was weird for Mitsu to choose the notoriously… »10/24/07 12:15pm10/24/07 12:15pm

Tokyo Motor Show: New Nissan GT-R, Now In Bra-less Video

We've seen the new Nissan GT-R in spy videos and spy photos before, and we've seen the new Nissan GT-R live at the reveal, but we've never seen it fully without camouflage. Now, thanks to the wonderfully Franco-Nihon Nissan, we've got some video sans sound for your visual enjoyment. Godzilla here, along with a bowl… »10/24/07 8:15am10/24/07 8:15am

Tokyo Motor Show: Volkswagen Space Up! Concept Car

Here in Tokyo, V-Dub's just revealed a new version of it's Up! concept car revealed last month during the Frankfurt Auto Show. Unlike the last one, a micro-car measuring a minuscule 3.45 meters, this one's giant. And by giant, we mean it's 3.68 meters long. Yes, yes, it's ginormous — exactly 23 centimeters longer than… »10/23/07 11:30pm10/23/07 11:30pm