Frankfurt Auto Show: 2008 Cadillac BLS Shows It Has A SexyBack...End

The BLS is everything you could ever love about the Saab 9-3, except without the Swedishness. Yup, this wagon's got it all — as long as by "all" you mean a bio-fuel-powered engine option and "extra powerful" 180 HP / 400 lb-ft o' torque turbo diesel engine. But hey, it's got "LED technology" — we think that means the… »9/12/07 2:30pm9/12/07 2:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Top Ten Things You May Have Missed Yesterday Here In Frankfurt

Here's what you missed yesterday if you didn't get a chance to follow along with us live on the first day of the Frankfurt Auto Show, all rolled up into a top ten stories list — for your reading enjoyment:

1.) BMW unveiled the X6, and yes, as all the spy photos showed us, it's got a seriously large rear end. What we… »9/12/07 7:15am9/12/07 7:15am

Frankfurt Auto Show: And Now For Something Entirely...The Same

And now, time for something that's got nothing to do with the Frankfurt Auto Show — today's episode of Fast Lane Daily! Let's see — today's episode is about...umm...crap. Oh well, we already wrote the post. Also, will someone please tell "Derick D" if the comment button's in his pants, then we got nothing to say. »9/11/07 6:30pm9/11/07 6:30pm

Frankfurt Auto Show: Opel Flextreme Concept Stores Segways In Its Rear End

So there are now officially two cool things about the Opel Flextreme concept car revealed here at the Frankfurt Auto Show last night. The first would have to be the fact that the concept's a diesel-electric hybrid — and we heart the idea of mating the two fuel efficiencies together. The second is that the Flextreme… »9/11/07 11:15am9/11/07 11:15am

Frankfurt Auto Show: The Nissan Mixim Concept Is Still Like Batman, Is A Chick Magnet

Yup, it's still like Batman with those big ol' winged doors. But a new development would seem to be that it draws in the ladies like crazy. Or maybe those two lovely ladies were paid to be up there. Somehow we doubt that. Nope, it was totally the animal magnetism of the Dark Knight. Full press release again included… »9/11/07 10:40am9/11/07 10:40am

Frankfurt Auto Show: Ford Verve Concept Reveals Design Future Of Ford Fiesta

As we told you just a short while ago, we're live at the Ford press reveal. And yes Ford fanboys n' girls, this is the Verve concept car, revealed today at the Frankfurt Auto Show. It's a new conceptually Bold Move from the brand that's known for using the phrase — sometimes even every day. But what's most important… »9/11/07 7:28am9/11/07 7:28am