IndyCar Fans At The Detroit Grand Prix Are Like Vultures, Clawing At The Flesh Of Marco Andretti

I'm telling you, the IndyCar fans here at the Detroit Grand Prix — they're like vultures, hungry for the flesh of young drivers. Maybe they're not as bad as Nascar fans, but certainly worse than the countless dozens of fans in the paddock yesterday for ALMS racing. We happened to be walking through the paddock when… »9/02/07 1:03pm9/02/07 1:03pm


Bad Boy Vettes To Host Party After Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix ALMS Action

Just got this e-mail from Dan over at Bad Boy Vettes, the boys all about embracing the skull 'vette logo. They'll be having a party after Saturday's ALMS race at the Detroit Grand Prix on Belle Isle. And hey, the fun part is you're invited. So if you're in Metro Detroit for the return of racing action to the city the… »8/31/07 8:45am8/31/07 8:45am