2007 a Good Year For Ford, Company Only Loses $2.7 Billion

For most people, losing $2.7 billion over the course of a year would be considered slightly less than stellar. For Ford, on the other hand, that's actually a pretty good year. We're not being sarcastic. In 2006, the company lost $12.6 billion. To fully understand what really happened you have to embrace the mixture of… » 1/25/08 11:45am 1/25/08 11:45am

Chrysler Sales Also Down In 2007, Completes The Domestic Hat Trick

Unlike GM and Ford, Chrysler saw an increase of 1% in sales for December 2007 compared the previous December. That's what they'd like you to focus on, please. They'd rather you ignore the fact that for 2007 total sales were 2.08 million vehicles, a decrease of 3% from 2006. The Chrysler brand saw a year-over-year… » 1/03/08 5:15pm 1/03/08 5:15pm

GM Sales Decrease In 2007, But People Love The Aveo

GM was able to find customers for 3.87 million vehicles in 2007, which is a decrease of 6% compared with 2006. Overall, GM predicts market share will be flat as there's much less daily rental share (as planned, they'll remind you). The two brands that did well in 2007 compared to last year were GMC (up 5.1%) and… » 1/03/08 4:00pm 1/03/08 4:00pm

Toyota Sales 2007 Sales Up, Up & Away In 2007

Toyota continued to muscle its way into more market share with best ever year-end sales of 2.6 million vehicles, up 2.7% over 2006. If you're paying attention, that's slightly more than Ford... thus putting Toyota as the #2 automaker. All hail our new hybrid overlords. For the month of December the automaker was down… » 1/03/08 3:30pm 1/03/08 3:30pm

Have You Driven A Ford Lately? Probably Not. Ford Sales Down In…

First, the bad news: sales for Ford were 212,094 for December, down 9% from the previous December. Ford's total 2007 sales were 2.57 million, down 12% compared with 2006. But there's a silver lining on that blue cloud as Lincoln posted a 9% increase in sales in 2007 after a significant realignment of their product and… » 1/03/08 2:30pm 1/03/08 2:30pm

The Jamaican Bobsled Team Hoons a Fiat Panda

OK, you'll need to suspend some of the ol' disbelief to really enjoy this ad for the '07 Fiat Panda. Don't question why the members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team are howling at some avalanche-prone mountainside in the Italian Alps, or how a Panda manages to negotiate hairpin turns at Maserati-like velocities with four… » 12/25/07 1:30pm 12/25/07 1:30pm

GM Reports $39 Billion One-Time Net Loss For Third Quarter, $1.6…

GM reported last night a $39 billion (yes, that's "billion" with a "b") loss or $68.85 per diluted share, for the third quarter of 2007, compared with a reported net loss of $147 million, or $.26 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. The majority of that number was due to special charges of $37.4 billion related… » 11/07/07 7:18am 11/07/07 7:18am