Hoon Of The Day: Four Minutes Of Woodward Dream Cruise Burnouts

Up in Pontiac at the Woodward Avenue loop, there's one spot which is guaranteed to make the ladies scream and the fellas cream — and our tipster John Harmon rocked it for us today, putting four minutes of burnouts together with a little bit of Steve Miller's "Livin' in the USA." But remember, it's all fun and games… »8/21/06 3:10pm8/21/06 3:10pm

2006 Woodward Dream Cruise: Cobra Commander'd Be Proud — Snakes On A Dream Cruise

Downtown Birmingham was chock full of fun during this weekends Woodward Dream Cruise, whether it was two of the Big Three getting their exnibitionist shwerve on or just sitting back with burgers from Hunter House — fun was had by the tens of thousands. But if you looked closely between the two tall apartment… »8/21/06 12:15pm8/21/06 12:15pm

2006 Woodward Dream Cruise: The Chrysler Group Wants To Ram The Dream Cruise Down Your Throat

We covered the FoMoCo and General Dream Cruise exhibits yesterday, and now it's the German-American hybrids turn — and they want to prove, through sheer will — that they're the biggest and baddest of them all. Aww...isn't that just adorable? See for yourself. Of course if you decide not to look, Dodge has told us the… »8/19/06 3:23pm8/19/06 3:23pm

2006 Woodward Dream Cruise: Wert'll Give You $10 To Touch Your Ferrari Enzo

Yet again, it's not just the classic cars that hit up the Woodward Dream Cruise — sometimes it's the insta-classics — like the Ferrari Enzo (no Stefan, you can't ride in it — we don't care what Dieter said). This million-dollar plus Ferrari is one of only two in Michigan, with the other belonging to former Red Wing… »8/19/06 1:43pm8/19/06 1:43pm

2006 Woodward Dream Cruise: Jay Leno's Tank Car Takes Woodward Avenue By Storm

The rains couldn't keep Leno's Tank Car from exhibition at the Woodward Dream Cruise, but the boys at Bosch were kind enough to drop a tent over it to make sure no damage would be done to the one-of-a-kind engine on wheels by the not-so-much torrential downpour. If y'all remember, his 9500-lb. hot rod's humongous V12… »8/19/06 1:16pm8/19/06 1:16pm

The Muscle Car Wars Continue! Top Chevy Man Ed Peper Thinks Beating Dodge, Ford To Market With The Camaro's "Very Important"

At the little GM soiree at Athens Coney Island last night, we got a few moments with Chevy's general manager, Ed Peper. We had only one question for Ed — how important is it gonna be to beat the competition to market with the Camaro? Ed had one answer — "It's very important." So what's that mean for the… »8/19/06 11:15am8/19/06 11:15am

2006 Woodward Dream Cruise: Cruising Come Rain Or Shine, But Parking? That's A Toughie!

The two biggest issues at any Dream Cruise are always the potential for rain and the potential inability to find parking. That's one of the reasons we were up at 5:00 AM to hit the streets and byways looking for spots to ditch our ride and make a walking cruise down Woodward Avenue. Just our luck, the rain decided to… »8/19/06 8:07am8/19/06 8:07am

2006 Woodward Dream Pre-Cruise: Wert's Got A Full Tank Of Gas, A Half Pack Of Starbucks DoubleShot, and He's Wearing Sunglasses. Hit It!

So we realized last night that Wert's gonna have to get some sleep, and last night he tried. Unfortunately, when he's ingested four Starbucks doppio espressos in a 6 hour period — it's much more difficult than just "going to sleep." And no, the liquor didn't help much either. But, since it worked so well for him… »8/18/06 9:53am8/18/06 9:53am