Ferrari FXX Evolution with only 7 miles for sale on Ebay

Although there is no shortage of expensive and exotic cars on Ebay, there is always something a little funny about ultra rare and exclusive vehicles being offered alongside 14 year old Honda Civics. When it comes to exotic cars, few are more exclusive than the Ferrari FXX seen here, especially considering the fact… » 9/24/11 2:00pm 9/24/11 2:00pm

STaSIS Signature Series Audi S5 Challenge Edition: First Drive

The last time I blew past the limits of my driving ability in a big howling V8 and hooned into a turn way too fast, I was at Altamont Speedway and I spun out in a most dramatic fashion. Now I'm in a car worth 110 times as much, leadfooting it down the hill at Infineon, right at the Chute, and I'm totally into that… » 12/08/08 1:00pm 12/08/08 1:00pm

Jackie Chan Shows Us The Joy Of Minivan Hoonage: Volkswagen Caddy

The sequence is pretty straightforward: A China-market VW Caddy Panel Van rolls off its carrier and- driverless- drives away going against the flow of traffc, sowing chaos and death in its wake. Jackie Chan leaps from another VW onto a truck, commandeers a motorcycle, and... well, you just need to watch the ad. Our… » 7/18/08 12:45pm 7/18/08 12:45pm

Top Gear's Awards for 2005: Bugatti Veyron Is "Best Car"

Our pal Punkey zapped us the results of TopGear's awards for 2005, including runners-up. As most watchers figured, the Bugatti Veyron won for Best Car, beating the Jalopnik pick — the Ferrari F430 — and the BMW M5, which we won't get to drive until January (knock on wood). The Ferrari also lost to the Aston Martin V8… » 12/31/05 9:00am 12/31/05 9:00am

Honda CEO Gives Year-end Speech for 2005, Outlines '06 Plans

Honda CEO Takeo Fukui gave his State of the Carmaker year-end speech earlier this week, in which he noted a rise in sales over 2004 (1.45 million units, up 4%) and confirmed new product entries in North America in 2006. By mid-year, he said, we'll see the new, entry-level Honda Fit arrive on these shores, which he… » 12/22/05 9:47am 12/22/05 9:47am

Jalopnik to Join in the Car of the Year Festivities

Here on planet Jalopnik, gravity doesn t suck quite as much as it does elsewhere. When we decided to choose a Car of the Year, we knew our award could never share the pseudo-objective gravitas of our distinguished colleagues attaboys. (Or, as Farago put it, fuck that shit.) So, after a particularly perspicacious… » 11/29/05 1:02pm 11/29/05 1:02pm

Bleak October Challenges Cadillac's '05 Sales Gains

Woe to T.S. Eliot for our wrangling of his verse for our own purposes, but for Cadillac, October may be the cruelest month; poor sales mixing memory and desire, stirring. (Yikes. Sorry, T.S. Next time we'll keep our trousers rolled.) Double-digit declines for October are now casting the GM brand's sales gains for… » 11/23/05 10:43am 11/23/05 10:43am

Simulation Speedster: 5 Axis's Scion xA for SEMA

The boys at uber mod shop 5Axis have extended their Scion madness by one — creating this xA speedster, the final model in their around-the-horn customization of the company's model line. The see-through xA — which will debut at the SEMA show (starting tomorrow) — also extends the shop's bachelor-pad AV theme by one.… » 10/31/05 7:55am 10/31/05 7:55am

GM to Show Club Racer Concept at SEMA Show

A baby Viper from GM? Next week's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas will host a number of GM's small cars, tricked out to within an inch of their lives. Along with the HHRs, Cobalts and G6s, the one we're most looking forward to is this Solstice coupe concept, which augurs a model we can… » 10/26/05 7:57am 10/26/05 7:57am

Mitsuoka Motors Shows Droptop Orochi Concept in Tokyo

At the 2001 Tokyo motor show, the weird geniuses at Japan's Mitsuoka Motors showed off the radical Orochi concept, based on the Acura (Honda) NSX, appearing to be the result of a botched George Barris experiment involving a late-model Mercedes-Benz SL, a Lamborghini Murci lago and five or more hits of brown acid.… » 10/20/05 5:39pm 10/20/05 5:39pm

Lexus Introduces LF-Sh Flagship Concept in Tokyo

Lexus took the wraps off the concept sedan that likely introduces the design direction of its next-generation flagship LS. His sleekness uses V8 power augmented by a gas-electric hybrid-drive system and AWD. Word is, this arrangement will be become the new LS standard. No word on whether BMW will sue for infringement… » 10/20/05 1:21pm 10/20/05 1:21pm