STaSIS Signature Series Audi S5 Challenge Edition: First Drive

The last time I blew past the limits of my driving ability in a big howling V8 and hooned into a turn way too fast, I was at Altamont Speedway and I spun out in a most dramatic fashion. Now I'm in a car worth 110 times as much, leadfooting it down the hill at Infineon, right at the Chute, and I'm totally into that… »12/08/08 1:00pm12/08/08 1:00pm

Jackie Chan Shows Us The Joy Of Minivan Hoonage: Volkswagen Caddy

The sequence is pretty straightforward: A China-market VW Caddy Panel Van rolls off its carrier and- driverless- drives away going against the flow of traffc, sowing chaos and death in its wake. Jackie Chan leaps from another VW onto a truck, commandeers a motorcycle, and... well, you just need to watch the ad. Our… »7/18/08 12:45pm7/18/08 12:45pm

Top Gear's Awards for 2005: Bugatti Veyron Is "Best Car"

Our pal Punkey zapped us the results of TopGear's awards for 2005, including runners-up. As most watchers figured, the Bugatti Veyron won for Best Car, beating the Jalopnik pick — the Ferrari F430 — and the BMW M5, which we won't get to drive until January (knock on wood). The Ferrari also lost to the Aston Martin V8… »12/31/05 9:00am12/31/05 9:00am