Video: DINAN's S3.R BMW 1M Coupe is Stupid, Stupid Fast.

Many out there, myself included, have stated that the BMW 1 Series M-Coupe is the best modern BMW money can buy, and one that, with such limited numbers in the US, will certainly go up in value. But what if you modify it? Steve Dinan's S3.R, with 444 HP and 450 lb/ft of torque may not be collector-focused, but when it… » 6/25/14 11:34am 6/25/14 11:34am

This Is How You Drift A Real BMW

The new BMW Active Tourer might be a competent economy car, and you might think it's attractive, but it's just not a proper BMW. A BMW 1M Coupe that's very, very sideways — that's a true driver's machine. » 9/28/12 1:00pm 9/28/12 1:00pm

BMW 1er Vs. Porsche GT3 Cup

This is the Dutch Supercar Challenge, a gentleman's race series that puts all different kinds of GT cars on the same grid. We get to see a BMW 1er hunt down a 996 GT3 Cup car and all the close racing that follows. » 3/08/12 1:00pm 3/08/12 1:00pm

The BMW 1M Is A Friend To Drifting

According to his YouTube channel, this 1M owner started karting when he was nine years old and now races BMWs. Still, there's always time for some drifting on the deserted streets of the Low Countries. » 2/23/12 1:00pm 2/23/12 1:00pm

Watch this BMW 1M open a donut shop in a strip mall

Strip malls are not the most haute of shopping experiences, but they can be great places to start a new business. This BMW 1M driver in South Africa shows how well it's working for his new donut-making operation. » 11/28/11 1:00pm 11/28/11 1:00pm

Jeremy Clarkson picks the year's best cars

Reigning king of hyperbolic auto enthusiasm Jeremy Clarkson has released his now-traditional year-end DVD, featuring his pick for best car of the year. This time around, though, the decision involves a bit of bifurcation and elaboration. » 11/22/11 10:30am 11/22/11 10:30am

Watch Jeremy Clarkson race the 46-liter Brutus against the BMW 1M

We do love the BMW aero-engined Brutus in all its flame-spitting, gargling glory. In his new DVD special, Clarkson decided to pit the Beast from Baden against something a little bit more modern, the BMW 1M. » 11/17/11 1:00pm 11/17/11 1:00pm

I'm the sucker who bought the BMW taken for a dealership joyride

Last month two Pacific BMW dealership employees posted video of themselves dangerously flogging a brand-new BMW 1M at high speeds on residential streets on YouTube. It ignited a firestorm of hatred against the dealership in Bimmer fan forums and on Los Angeles local television news shows. » 9/05/11 5:10pm 9/05/11 5:10pm

How a BMW forum busted a car dealership

Two unidentified individuals recently flogged a dealership-fresh BMW 1M at high speeds on residential streets. One of them caught it on video. That video wound up on YouTube. You can guess what happened next. » 8/17/11 3:00pm 8/17/11 3:00pm

BMW dealer puts $40,000 markup on 1M coupe

The BMW 1M has softened the hardened arteries of auto reviewers around the world, from Jeremy Clarkson to our own Mike Spinelli. One California BMW dealer hopes to capitalize on high praise and low supply with an insane $40,000 markup. » 6/29/11 12:00pm 6/29/11 12:00pm

BMW 1M laps 'Ring in 8 minutes, 15 seconds

SportAuto's dance with the BMW 1M at Nürburgring produced a lap of 8:15. Which is OK, but not as fast as might be expected. The culprit: Too-firm suspension. Still, it beat out the RS3 and Cayman S. Not too shabby. » 6/17/11 3:30pm 6/17/11 3:30pm

BMW 1 Series M vs. Porsche Cayman R, sideways edition

The inimitable Monkey Harris has given the BMW 1 Series M and Porsche Cayman R a typical sideways go-round in Bedford. Are these coupes really comparable, or was it just an excuse to burn down the rubber? Let's find out. » 6/08/11 4:00pm 6/08/11 4:00pm

2011 BMW 1 Series M Coupe: First Drive

I told myself I would hate the BMW 1 Series M Coupe because no parts bin-built Bimmer could ever be worthy of the M-Sport badge. Right? Of course. I knew I would hate the "BMW 1M." I had to. But did I? » 5/12/11 12:00pm 5/12/11 12:00pm

First BMW 1M Coupe On US Roads

The very first BMW 1M was spotted in the Philadelphia area this morning. In Valencia Orange with a set of NJ manufacturer's license plates this 1M wasn't exactly trying to blend in. [BMW Blog] » 1/24/11 2:30pm 1/24/11 2:30pm

BMW 1 Series M Coupe: A 340 HP Autobahn Blitzkrieg

The BMW 135i was supposed to be the shorter wheelbase mini-M3 we'd wanted since the E30. It wasn't. But the 340 hp 1 Series M Coupe's a step in the right direction. BMW unwrapped it for us early. » 1/10/11 8:30am 1/10/11 8:30am

BMW 1M: Three Colors, Manual Transmission Only

According to 1-Series-obsessed fanboys, BMW's only building 2,700 units of the up-powered mini-Bimmer, the 1M. It'll come in just three colors — Alpine White, Jet Black and Valencia Orange. Transmission choices? They're non-existent. Manual only. Excellent. [M3Post, Bimmerfile] » 9/13/10 8:30am 9/13/10 8:30am

BMW 1 Series M Does The Cadillac Strip Tease

The BMW 1 Series M's showing a little skin with a front quarter strip tease a la Cadillac CTS Coupe. Nice cross-drilled rotors. We were going to call it "The Bob Lutz Strip Tease," but that's a horrifying mental image. » 8/27/10 4:30pm 8/27/10 4:30pm

BMW 1M Is The New 1 Series M Coupe

The new BMW 1 Series M Coupe will not be called the M1. According to BMW's Dr. Kay Segler "BMW M1 is a name with powerful historical our new model will be called the BMW 1 Series M Coupé." » 7/08/10 7:25pm 7/08/10 7:25pm