Don't hesitate to drive your 1993 Volvo off a building

There was no reason not to drive your 1993 Volvo 440 off a building—at least that is what this British Volvo commercial seemed to suggest. » 10/15/11 11:00am 10/15/11 11:00am

How new does a car have to be for you to consider it a "new car"?

What qualifies as a "new car" varies greatly depending on who you ask. Some people think a car becomes "old" as soon as it is no longer showroom fresh. A former co-worker of mine who restored Model-Ts used to tell me he didn't care much for "newer cars" like my 54 year old Plymouth Belvedere. This weekend we want to… » 8/27/11 5:00pm 8/27/11 5:00pm

Junkyard Build Quality Challenge, Speedometer Edition: USA vs Germany…

Many of our readers were shocked by Germany's big win in the Door Panel Edition of the Junkyard Build Quality challenge, with an Audi 80 beating a Lexus ES250 and a Buick LeSabre. Today's challenge: Speedometers! » 9/26/10 11:30pm 9/26/10 11:30pm

Junkyard Build Quality Challenge, Speedometer Edition: Japan

The '93 BMW E36 did pretty well in the Speedometer Edition of the Junkyard Build Quality Challenge, with excellent marks for component quality, but the Germans are vulnerable in the areas of complexity and general pain-in-assness. We'll see if Nissan can do better, with this '93 Infiniti J30 up next. » 9/26/10 11:30pm 9/26/10 11:30pm

Shopping For a New Hindustan Motors Ambassador?

The Morris Oxford/Hindustan Ambassador has been in production for 56 years, which means it has 9 more to go in order to beat the Beetle. How do you market such a classic? » 3/14/10 5:00pm 3/14/10 5:00pm

Sundance Duster Lacks Charm Of Turismo Duster, Gets Scrapped

Coming nearly a decade after the car that inspired the amazing "MTV Cocaine Factory" advertisement- the Greatest Car Commercial Ever Made- the Sundance-based '93 Duster failed to achieve legend status. » 2/21/10 10:55am 2/21/10 10:55am

1993 Ford Tempo

Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. Ford Tempo Fanatic has chosen a difficult path. Today we honor his devotion to the Tempo. » 2/20/10 9:00am 2/20/10 9:00am

Shake Your Fist At The Heartless Car Gods: Clunkerized Roadmaster Wagon!

While I'm not a fan of Cash For Clunkers, I must admit I shed zero tears over all those Explorers going to well-deserved early graves. Fact is, 98% of Explorer drivers would have been better off with big Detroit wagons! » 2/14/10 11:00am 2/14/10 11:00am

Junkyard Build Quality Challenge, Door Panel Edition: USA vs Germany vs…

Those of you who read my posts about easy Honda speedometer replacement and hellish Ford window regulator replacement know my oft-repeated rants about German over-complexity, Detroit quality corner-cutting, and Japanese cheap-but-well-thought-out engineering. Where do I get my facts? The junkyard! » 12/13/09 11:30pm 12/13/09 11:30pm

Junkyard Nightmare Build Quality Challenge, Door Panel Edition: USA

Welcome to the JNBQC, Door Panel Edition. Detroit has some catching up to do, and we're all rooting for The General's contestant here! » 12/13/09 11:29pm 12/13/09 11:29pm

...And Here's Your CRX Replacement!

Honda- or at least its marketing gurus- decided that the sporty CRX no longer appealed to its target demographic, so the 1992 model year had the kicky, upbeat Del Sol instead. » 12/05/09 3:30pm 12/05/09 3:30pm

Nice Price Or Crack Pipe: Armored Mercedes-Benz S500 For $76,000?

75% of readers think that $45,000 is just too much for a 1957 Triumph TR3, no matter how original it might be. But how about a crime-boss-grade bulletproof Benz for 76 grand? » 1/02/09 8:00am 1/02/09 8:00am