The Top 56 Lemons of the 24 Hours Of LeMons New England

The 16th race in LeMons history took place at Stafford Motor Speedway last weekend, and we saw Hondas, Alfa Romeos, and Volvos absolutely dominate this time around. » 7/16/09 6:30pm 7/16/09 6:30pm

And The Winner Is... The Kielbasa Kids Honda Civic!

They came in second the last time around and they pretty much led this race from start to finish. For the first time in 24 Hours Of LeMons history, a Civic has won! » 7/12/09 6:00pm 7/12/09 6:00pm

Bank Robber Gets The Disguise Part Right, But Getaway Civic's Rare…

It seems that Honda sprayed half its early CRXs white, but not many regular Civics got that color, especially not by the late 80s. The rarity of white fourth-gen Civics proved to be the undoing of Thomas Kenney, the Lawn Guyland resident known to police as the "Bad Hatter." Mr. Kenney wore some great hats during his… » 6/05/08 8:30am 6/05/08 8:30am