The Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Knows The Roads From Oregon To Maine!

You may know the '85 Olds Cutlass Ciera best as the car that Jerry Lundegaard gave to a couple of North Dakota hoodlums as partial payment for a harebrained fake-kidnap scheme in the movie Fargo. Quite a claim to fame, that- but don't forget that the Cutlass Ciera was all about patriotism back in the day. Yes, the… »5/21/08 2:40pm5/21/08 2:40pm

America's Best-Selling Import: 1985 Nissan Sentra

Overhead camshaft! Front-wheel drive! Computer-controlled carburetor! Life was good back in '85, because the cheapest Nissan was also the most technologically advanced (though we're pretty sure you couldn't get the futuristic "Door Is Ajar" talking alerts in the Sentra that year). And why don't car ads have voiceovers… »5/15/08 10:00am5/15/08 10:00am

Another Advantage To Racing A Volvo: Free Parts Car!

Now that the 24 Hours of LeMons shit-talking has begun, I find it necessary to present some more evidence to show that the V8-ified Volvo 240 is Your Best Race Car Value, even though it means giving away some tricks to our real competition (i.e., the other teams driving Swedish steel). You see, some teams are coming… »4/15/08 4:00pm4/15/08 4:00pm

You'll Squeal Like a Pig For an '85 Toyota Pickup!

The funny thing about Toyota's 1985 claim that 95% of all Toyota trucks ever built were still on the road is that it's probably still true today (although perhaps the attrition rate is higher among Warlord Edition™ Hiluxes, what with all the high-explosive ordnance they tend to encounter in their daily routine). Here… »3/14/08 1:00pm3/14/08 1:00pm

1985 Tercel 4WD Wagon: The Official Car of Santa Claus

Ever since we had an '85 Tercel 4WD wagon on DOTS, I've been trying to find an ad for the thing to use in this series. Yes, it's a hokey Christmas-themed ad, but at least there's some low-yield hoonage involved. Was 1985 the high-water mark for Toyota, before the accountants took over and focus-grouped the life out of… »2/29/08 11:00am2/29/08 11:00am

Did Pioneer Make The Most 80s Ad Ever? You Decide!

Now, we've seen some incredibly dated ads in the Classic Ad Watch series, but this one pitching Pioneer stereos may well be more of its time than anything yet. We've got all the elements: the 80s vision of the 50s vision of babe-itude, the drum-machine/synth theme song, cassettes and CDs, and a yuppie cokefiend in a… »1/18/08 12:30pm1/18/08 12:30pm

PCH, Italian Stallion Edition: Ferrari Mondial or Maserati Coupe?

It's been a few days since our last Choose Your Eternity Poll (in which the overwhelming majority of voters opted for Hopped-Up Crown Victoria Hell), but the series returns today with a vengeance! We've been spending a lot of time in British Car Hell lately, but we mustn't forget England's perennial rival for the… »12/28/07 5:00pm12/28/07 5:00pm

It's Got Ooh! It's Got Aah! It's The Coolest Car By Far!

Now don't go confusing this '85 Vauxhall Nova with the '85 Chevrolet Nova; even though both were sold by The General, one was a rebadged Opel Corsa and the other a rebadged Toyota Corolla. But more important than the distinction between different Novas is the fact that we have have stumbled upon The Worst Rap of… »11/28/07 1:00pm11/28/07 1:00pm

The 24 Hours of LeMons Winner: Black Iron Racing's BMW

After all these posts on the cars of the 24 Hours of LeMons race at Altamont last weekend, we've overlooked a very important one: the winner! We know it's a BMW, we hear it's an '85, it looks sort of like a 5-Series-amino, and it blew away some very good drivers in some very quick cars to take the checkered flag.… »10/26/07 12:30pm10/26/07 12:30pm