Because It's All About The Safety: The Volvo 244 Quadra-Bumper!

OK, fine, we know the official rules »9/29/08 4:20pm9/29/08 4:20pm state that "added structural elements which extend past the original bodywork line" aren't allowed in the 24 Hours Of LeMons, but how could be against this kind of Actually, that display is the result of a game of Volvo 240 Musical Chairs, in which you take one , the obtained to…

24 Hours of LeMons Early Birds Get Set Up At Altamont

Teams competing in the 24 Hours of LeMons race can check in and get their cars past the tech inspection judges on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning. Teams showing up on Friday get first shot at the good pit spaces, and Team Black Metal V8olvo decided to claim some real estate today. Tech inspection went smoothly… »5/09/08 10:00pm5/09/08 10:00pm

Real $500 Race Cars Have Manual Transmissions... And Inner-Tube Shifter Boots!

When we started out to build a V8-powered Volvo 244 for the May 10-11 24 Hours of LeMons race, most of the team members assumed we'd be using the good ol' C4 automatic transmission. You know, automatics are way easier to swap, with no troublesome clutch linkage to futz with. But Crew Chief Hellhammer (formerly known… »4/29/08 4:00pm4/29/08 4:00pm

Another Advantage To Racing A Volvo: Free Parts Car!

Now that the 24 Hours of LeMons shit-talking has begun, I find it necessary to present some more evidence to show that the V8-ified Volvo 240 is Your Best Race Car Value, even though it means giving away some tricks to our real competition (i.e., the other teams driving Swedish steel). You see, some teams are coming… »4/15/08 4:00pm4/15/08 4:00pm