For $5,950, this Durango is a Fairmont with Ranchero dressing

Ford sort of invented the concept of the car-based pickup with the 1925 introduction of the Model T Runabout with Pickup Truck Body. Despite those auspicious beginnings, by the end of the ‘70s Ford had basically ceded the category to Chevy and their El Camino. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Fairmont-with-a-bed is a… »4/22/11 8:00am4/22/11 8:00am


Another Ford Fairmont Durango For Sale, Can You Resist The Foxchero?

Whereas many of the El Camino-ized vehicles we share with you, like the Volvo XC70chero, are unique custom jobs of varying degrees of quality, the Ford Fairmont Durango was actually built in a factory. The history is muddy, but after the demise of the Ranchero, Ford worked with National Coach Products in some capacity… »5/15/08 9:20am5/15/08 9:20am