It's French, It's Diesel, And It Has 500K Miles: The Zohan Peugeot Could Be Yours, Cheap!

Normally, a Malaise Era car with 500,000 miles would be an ideal appetizer for The Crusher, but this one is a movie star! Yes, this 1979 Peugeot 504D was driven by Adam Sandler in You Don't Mess With The Zohan, a cinematic masterpiece that will one day be regarded as the Citizen Kane of our era... and it could be… »6/16/08 8:00am6/16/08 8:00am


Forgotten Slovenian Peugeot 504 Rescued, Put Back On Road

We're getting more DOTS Bonus Edition stuff from Yurp these days, which gives us just that much more opportunity to see Peugeot 504s in their native habitat. Nicjasno, from the Slovenian city of Maribor, has photographed his family's 504, which was found sitting abandoned in the weeds near a Peugeot dealer and brought… »5/27/08 10:40am5/27/08 10:40am

PCH, No Blood For Oil Edition: Veggie Oil Peugeot or Hybrid Austin Marina?

The French car beat the German one in our last Choose Your Eternity matchup, which means we need to give France's cross-Channel rival an opportunity to snatch the PCH Trophy (which features several rods hanging out the side and a spreading pool of oil below) today. We're going with something a bit different this time,… »5/05/08 5:20pm5/05/08 5:20pm