Circle Of Automotive Life Nearly Complete: DOTS '67 Cougar Now In Junkyard

Remember the 1967 Mercury Cougar we saw down on the Alameda street »9/11/08 1:15pm9/11/08 1:15pm, just a little over a week ago? Well, I was shopping for some race-car pieces at an Oakland self-service junkyard yesterday when I spotted a primer-black Cougar that looked familiar. Yes, just weeks after this 41-year-old car had been holding the…

1967 Mercury Cougar With OM617 Turbodiesel Should Run On Lard!

You want to drive a car powered by the most reliable automobile engine ever produced, you want to burn non-petroleum fuel, yet you don't want to drive a boring ol' Mercedes sedan like every other anti-dinosaur-juice diesel demon in town? Loyal reader Vance has pulled our coat about this '67 Cougar with a freshly… »6/11/08 8:00am6/11/08 8:00am