For $7,000, Is This a Fairlane or a Greatlane? ‘60s Week!

It's all ‘60's all the time this week on Nice Price or Crack Pipe, but that doesn't mean our contenders — like today's '66 Ford Fairlane — can't take advantage of more modern means to their performance ends. That mix of old and new might make this a Ford that goes fast, but will its price make it go likewise? »8/14/12 8:00am8/14/12 8:00am


Three Photographers, Seven Fords, One Mile-High City

So the DOTS Bonus Edition photos keep rolling in from every direction- and I'm doing my best to post them all- but the stockpile of car photos from Denver has reached absurd proportions. First there was Kitt on the south side, then EJacobs started shooting interesting old cars in the northwestern part of town; by this… »6/13/08 2:00pm6/13/08 2:00pm

1966 Fairlane Wagon Appears To Have Driven To Junkyard Under Its Own Power

Sometimes you'll find a fairly complete old car sitting in the wrecking yard, but I've never seen anything like this '66 Fairlane wagon before. It's a bit rough (and that '56 Chevy hood ornament being used to prop up the bug deflector looks funky indeed), but not a single part has been removed. The keys were still in… »4/10/08 2:00pm4/10/08 2:00pm