This 1964 Ford Mustang Ad Could Not Possibly Be More Boring

I've been effusive in my praise of the first-gen Mustang in previous posts. I think it fully deserves the credit. The original Mustang was one of the most important cars ever made, and its design still looks great today. The baby boomer generation must have seen it as sex on wheels compared to the hulking, staid… »9/29/12 9:00am9/29/12 9:00am


Beautiful 1964 Ford Fairlane sells for $700,000 to benefit charity

The star of this weekend's Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas was this 1964 Ford Fairlane K-code which sold for an amazing $700,000 with all proceeds going to charity. This very red Fairlane was originally constructed by Rousch Industries as a promotional vehicle for the auction company. Last night it was auctioned… »9/25/11 5:00pm9/25/11 5:00pm