PCH, Ten Grand To Glory Edition: Acura NSX or '59 Corvette?

The extremely cheap, extremely sketchy (putatively) NSX-engine-powered Acura Legend obliterated the dime-a-dozen turbo Civic in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll, which is about what we expected. So what if we could find not just an NSX engine but an entire car for cheap (well, maybe entire isn't the right word… » 5/16/08 5:20pm 5/16/08 5:20pm

1959 Corvette Stolen, Be A Crimestopper

The Pederson family may have taken inspiration from the case of the 8-fingered Skyline thief, and have turned to the web to try to recover a stolen 1959 Corvette once owned by their late uncle. After saving his whole life and finally purchasing the red and white 'Vette, the uncle discovered he had cancer and died in… » 4/10/08 9:20am 4/10/08 9:20am