Amazing new photos from the 1957 German Grand Prix

Juan Manuel Fangio’s epic win at the Nürburgring in 1957 is perhaps the greatest race in the 62-year history of Formula One. After fifty years in a drawer, an American Private’s Kodachrome slides of the race have been published, and they are utterly breathtaking. » 12/02/11 12:30pm 12/02/11 12:30pm

When Argentina ruled the Nürburgring

There are two great moments in Argentine motoring history centered around the Nürburgring and then there’s a third, a fourth-place finish at a race you’ve never heard of. Of course it’s the latter that’s the pride and joy of Argentine car enthusiasts: the story of the Torinos at the 1969 Nürburgring 84 Hours. » 8/03/11 3:00pm 8/03/11 3:00pm

Will Michael Schumacher Come Back to Drive Felipe Massa’s Ferrari?

As Felipe Massa is still being tended to in a Hungarian hospital, the rumors have begun to fly: who will drive his car at the next race? An obvious choice has emerged in the sport’s greatest champion. » 7/28/09 5:15pm 7/28/09 5:15pm