DOTS Pontiac Makes Parade Appearance

So the Alameda Fourth Of July parade- which used to be a lot better, back when the Navy was still here and every ship had a marching band- passes right by my front door. » 7/04/09 4:00pm 7/04/09 4:00pm

1941 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

Here's a truck I'd been seeing around town for months, but was never able to capture holding still long enough to photograph for this series; another such vehicle is a powder-blue BMW 1500 that taunts me on a regular basis. Clearly, the owner of such vehicles drive them every day (very much in the spirit of DOTS) but… » 4/28/08 9:00am 4/28/08 9:00am

A Bombshell For 1942: Oldsmobile B-44!

Fuselage fenders! Flathead straight-8 engine! Double-duty bumpers! The '42 Olds was a great-looking machine, but unfortunately the real bombshells that were dropping in depressingly large quantity that year put the kibosh on its production. At least you could get more or less the same car in 1946! » 4/10/08 11:00am 4/10/08 11:00am

1942 Pontiac Torpedo

There must be a long and complicated story behind this car, which I've seen around town for many years, but all I know for sure is that its owner once owned a 40s-memorabilia shop downtown and still drives the car regularly. You don't see many 1942 model American cars, since those pre-Starion Mitsubishis and their… » 2/26/08 9:15am 2/26/08 9:15am