Dirt-Oval Veteran '38 Ford Would Be Hell Project, Definitely Worth The Pain

I'm in Denver pretty regularly, and that means I'm often roaming about the area with camera in hand, looking for more photos of street-parked old vehicles to add to the Down On The Street Bonus Edition stash. I was happy to find three vintage Fairlanes on a previous trip, but I just about flew through the windshield… »7/30/08 5:00pm7/30/08 5:00pm

Project Car Hell, 1938 Edition: Mercedes-Benz or Graham-Paige

Not surprisingly, the 219 beat the 450SL in our-first all-Mercedes-Benz Choose Your Eternity Poll. It's hard for a 70s SL to compete with a big curvaceous Ponton on either coolness or agony. And, really, parts are just too easy to find for the Pontons, since they last about a million miles and all. No, for true »3/11/08 5:15pm3/11/08 5:15pm

PCH, Senior Citizen Edition: 1917 Overland or 1938 Traction-Avant?

Was it the Muppets connection that grabbed an overwhelming 80/20 victory for the Studebaker Starlight Coupe over the 1929 Model A in yesterday's Choose Your Eternity poll? We may never know, because the past is behind us now. And, speaking of the past, how about a pair of cars from waaaaaay back for today's challenge?… »2/20/08 5:02pm2/20/08 5:02pm