Unholy Union Of A 1934 Ford Pickup Truck & Mazda Miata Came Out Awesome

The Mazda Miata has been modified every which way, but I bet you've never seen one turned into a truck. I'm not talking about sawing the sports car's truck and reckoning it's a hauler— this is a complete 1934 Ford steel-body conversion. Why? How? ...Why? » 6/23/14 11:57am 6/23/14 11:57am

1932 Deluxe Roadster is as close as you'll get to a "new" 80 year old…

The 1932 Ford V8 or Model 18 has significant engineering advances over the previous Model A and the first mass market V8 to thank for its desirability in early hot rod circles. 80 years later, the '32 Ford is still the ultimate hot rod—growing only more popular with each passing year. » 1/28/12 2:00pm 1/28/12 2:00pm

Is the 1932 Ford the greatest car of all time?

Edmunds.com released a list of the 100 greatest cars of all time this past week which gives the 1932 Ford top honors. Their list is an interesting read and is by their own admission "a biased list in favor of cars that enthusiasts love" with historically important models mixed in. » 8/21/11 2:00pm 8/21/11 2:00pm

The 1932 Ford: As Many Ball Bearings As Cars Costing Four Times As Much!

Les Firestine Ford disappeared from Oakland's Auto Row many decades ago, but this promo film- apparently shown in theaters around the East Bay- makes the Deuce Coupe seem like a pretty good deal, even now. » 4/26/09 11:00am 4/26/09 11:00am

'32 Ford Hot Rod, Now in Creamsicle Flavor

Even though we tire of high dollar '32 Fords, a cleanly done and nicely finished one still catches our eye. This example of traditional hot rodding is way cooler than the megabux toys upstairs. The white and pearlescent satin orange finish really pop and the simple clean lines just beg for a good high speed run… » 3/11/08 8:20am 3/11/08 8:20am

1932 Ford "Willet Special" Has Suprise Powerplant

Instead of going with a top ten list like everybody and his brother, the Detroit Autorama narrows things down to 8 finalists in the hunt for the prized Ridler Award. This group of fresh hot rods live in what's called "the Great 8". We've already seen the winner of this years Ridler Award, the Ferrambo, but we're going… » 3/10/08 9:20am 3/10/08 9:20am