Spy Photos: Alfa Romeo 159 GTA, For Real?

The last time someone claimed spy shotage on the yet-unconfirmed Alfa Romeo 159 GTA, the subject looked more like a victim of Pep Boys abuse than a legitimate prototype. But new photos of a quad-exhaust 159 in telltale cladding were recently caught as it rounded the telltale Nürburgring. According to Australia's … » 6/26/07 6:43am 6/26/07 6:43am

Spy Photos: Alfa GTA?

We've been waiting for the Alfa Romeo brand to return to the US for so long our Trapper Keeper is covered with four-leaf clover doodles (period joke, kids, just go with it). But if the blokes at Infomotori are correct, there's a GTA version of the 159 on the way. Like Carscoop, we've not heard anything resembling a… » 6/12/07 9:41am 6/12/07 9:41am

Spy Photos: 2007 Alfa 159 Spotted In Los Angeles

So I don't know very much about the Alfa, but I know there's a helluva large community of lovers of the Italian brand formerly known as Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili, now known as Alfa Romeo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fiat SpA since 1986. Yeah, because those two names sound like they've got the same soul,… » 11/02/06 8:02pm 11/02/06 8:02pm

Spy Photos: Alfa Romeo 159 GTA

Gasp. What's that under the hood of that Alfa Romeo 159 test mule? (Note to Forum Dell'Auto Italia, adjust your dosage; obsessive paranoia can be controlled.) Those are red cylinder heads, are they not? And we all know what that means: Ferrari or Maserati hardware. Eurocar Blog surmises that the red heads, along with… » 10/03/06 8:27am 10/03/06 8:27am

Finalmente! More on Alfa Romeo's US Return

AutoWeek bares Alfa Romeo's plan to return to the states in time for the company's centennial in 2010. As has been reported, Alfa is teaming up with Maserati on development — sharing parts and to save costs, and leveraging Maserati's US sales network to sell Alfas. Models on the way? Glad you asked:
» 7/13/06 9:24am 7/13/06 9:24am

Jeremy Clarkson on the Alfa 159: It's Christopher Walken

The Times UK's resident ten-foot-tall car reviewer, Jeremy Clarkson, turned his Fi Fi Fo Fum on the Alfa Romeo 159, a stunning take on the sports sedan that had us head-over-digicam at the Geneva show two years running. Alfa's latest, he says, is the Christopher Walken to the BMW 3-Series's Tom Cruise of sports… » 3/27/06 8:35am 3/27/06 8:35am

Alfa 159 in (Aerodynamic) Drag

Is the Alfa 159 fine as is, or does it need some European design firm with an over-inflated sense of its own worth to pretty it up? We're going with the first one, though MS Design didn't quite fall into the pit implied by the second. The company already had a complete styling package ready when the 159 hit the… » 3/22/06 3:23pm 3/22/06 3:23pm

Alfa 159 Sportwagon to Debut in Geneva

It's been nearly a year since Alfa Romeo launched its 156-replacement sedan, the 159, at the Geneva motor show in 2005, alongside the Brera concept that became its coupe sibling. This year in Geneva, Alfa's rolling out its 159 Sportwagon alongside the Brera Spider (upstage much?). With that unmistakable… » 1/31/06 11:19am 1/31/06 11:19am

Italians Invade Washington: Alfa 159 Spotted!

Reader Chris was minding his own business after work when he happened upon an Alfa Romeo 159, rumored to be the vehicle that'll spearhead the brand's return to the US market. Take it, Chris. » 1/19/06 9:22pm 1/19/06 9:22pm

On Alfa Romeo's Return to the US Market: The 159 Sedan

Edmunds Inside Line reports on Alfa Romeo's predicted return to the US, and road tests the Euro-spec Alfa 159 — the most likely candidate for American import — in Germany. Alfa's new leader Karl-Heinz Kalbfell, formerly the boss of BMW's M division of high-performance tuners, is indicating that the US is a crucial… » 8/02/05 9:33am 8/02/05 9:33am