Car & Driver's 2012 10Best list a lot like last year

Although it's not yet up online, thanks to the continued inability of ink-and-paper publications to time when they can shoot their story load on the public, we've got the Car & Driver's 2012 10Best list before it's even up on their website. The winners will likely not in any way shock and/or amaze you. » 12/05/11 10:58am 12/05/11 10:58am

Car And Driver Announces 10 Best For 2009

The crazy kids over at Car And Driver » 11/20/08 6:30pm 11/20/08 6:30pm announced their annual for 2009 and, would you believe, they went out on a limb and put the Honda Accord on the list. Having sampled the best sub-$71,000 offerings the editors ranked all cars on a 1-100 scale to determine the best vehicles for sale next year. The Accord and the…