Rolls-Royce Coupe Spotted, Company Confirms Production

One day after BMW boss Norbert Reithofer double-confirmed its existence, Austrian web site Österreich posted a set of images showing what they say is a prototype of new Rolls-Royce coupe. The car in question, spotted in Vienna, shares a certain dead-on similarity to the 101EX concept car that hearkens a new level of… »9/28/07 7:27am9/28/07 7:27am


Rap Record Car Gossip: Pharrell Says He's Ordered Rolls Phantom Coupe

Maybe he's just gittin' all up in our ears with that raspy shit, but on his latest CD, "In My Mind" rapper Pharrell (aka Pharrell Williams) says he's ordered a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Either that means Rolls is building a production version of the 101ex concept it showed off in Geneva this year, or our grasp on… »8/14/06 2:17pm8/14/06 2:17pm

Two Doors, No Contortions: The Rolls-Royce 101EX Concept

If this ultra-luxury prototype is an indication of coup-ays to come, the Rolls franchise may soon be extended by one. Just as the 100EX concept heralded the coming of the Phantom cabrio, the 101EX could be a prototype of the next Phantom in coupe form. Its two doors open oppositely from those of standard coupes, such… »3/01/06 10:24am3/01/06 10:24am