Ford CEO Calls Man To Thank Him For Buying Fusion Hybrid Over Prius

Ford CEO Alan Mulally personally phoned a Michigan man to thank him for canceling an order for a Toyota Prius and buying a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Seriously? Yes. There's even video to prove it. » 2/03/09 2:30pm 2/03/09 2:30pm

Cadillac Converj Spotted Cruising Cobo, Posing With Ford Fusion Hybrid

We were schmoozing some Subaru booth professionals when something shiny caught our eye. Turns out it was the Cadillac Converj on its way to pose with a Ford Fusion Hybrid. » 1/12/09 7:30am 1/12/09 7:30am

2010 Ford Fusion, Sport, Hybrid Revealed Live

We gave you all the details on the 2010 Ford Fusion » 11/19/08 4:30pm 11/19/08 4:30pm, , and at the break of day and now we've got the live reveal from the floor of the . The trio of Fusionistas made their debut moments ago to bombastic loads of PR praise. If the improvements Ford is touting stand up to scrutiny, the Fusion stands to make some…

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid » 11/19/08 12:00am 11/19/08 12:00am shares all of the exterior, interior and refinement upgrades bestowed upon the and builds on top of that solid foundation with an upgraded hybrid system, improved tuning and the slick new screen. The Hybrid Fusion, along with the , is Ford's first foray into the hybrid sedan market and…