2010 Lotus Eagle Hatches Six Days Ahead Of Schedule

The 2010 Lotus Eagle has landed almost a full week ahead of its planned reveal at the British Motor Show. This single image was released on the Car Magazine website only moments ago, and we have it in full-sized glory, along with specs, after the jump. » 7/15/08 3:20pm 7/15/08 3:20pm

FacelessPeople Ad Campaign Probably Attached To 2010 Lotus Eagle Debut,…

Ferrari played their cards extremely well with the 2009 Ferrari California debut — it was stylish, it was measured, and it had the motoring press lapping out of the palms of their hands (a perfect example is today's spy photo of a topless California; see how Wert just laps it up? ). Lotus seems to be copying that… » 7/03/08 8:20am 7/03/08 8:20am

2010 Lotus Eagle Teases Us Ahead Of British Motor Show

We've spent months seeing the 2010 Lotus Eagle in get-ups ranging from an old Lotus Esprit mule to an homage to the caped crusader with makeup and heavy camo obscura. Now, thanks to a single image making its way onto the internet by way of Lotus, we're now finally get our first idea of the Eagle's real shape. The… » 6/30/08 11:01am 6/30/08 11:01am