Chevy Volt Engine Won't Recharge Batteries While Driving; Just A Regular Plug-In Hybrid?

Edmunds Inside Line »9/25/08 10:40am9/25/08 10:40am is reporting the apparently doesn't use the engine to recharge its batteries while driving, going against what every media outlet — , the buff books and every web site including this one — have reported as fact for the past two years. Confusion apparently stems from a press release issued when the…


New Transformers 2 Video Captures Chevy Volt, Corvette Centennial Concept, Fanboy Commentary

This new video may not be the clearest shot we've seen of the 2010 Chevy Volt »9/03/08 1:40pm9/03/08 1:40pm, , or any of the other GM product-placement-bots on the set of , but what it does bring to the table is behind-the-scenes commentary from real fanboys. The Transformers geeks inform us that Bumblebee, also known as "that muthafuka riiight…

Chevy Volt Fully Revealed With Corvette Centennial Concept In Transformers 2 Set Video

UPDATE #2: Check out our shots of the new Chevy Volt from the live reveal today in Detroit! »8/28/08 11:35pm8/28/08 11:35pm Here it is kids: our first look at a , complete and in-motion on the set of the still-in-production . We got a glimpse at the upper half of the earlier this evening, but this is the whole enchilada: tail end, blacked-out…

Chevy Volt To Get Occasional Power From Cruze's 1.4-Liter Inline Four-Cylinder

We all know the story on the 2011 Chevy Volt by now — inline hybrid, electric motors, giant T-shaped lithium ion battery, 40 mile all-EV range, late 2010 debut date and "on-board range extender." Well, we didn't know so much about that last one until now. GM is confirming the same 1.4-liter in-line four-cylinder set… »7/30/08 10:00am7/30/08 10:00am

Rick Wagoner Announces We May See Chevy Volt Sheetmetal Soon, Eventually

We were beginning to think GM had developed a masterpiece of long-range marketing with the 2011 Chevrolet Volt program. Let reporters in every once in a while, strategically leak images while actually showing nothing, all the while keeping a late-2010 entry on the lips of every eco-dork in the motoring press. Let them… »6/04/08 9:40am6/04/08 9:40am