Acura NSX Canceled Due To Carpocalypse

Honda Chairman Takeo Fukui has announced the cancellation of the V10-powered Acura NSX effective immediately as a result of the Carpocalypse and a desire to focus on green technologies. » 12/17/08 8:15am 12/17/08 8:15am

Acura NSX-R To Come Statestide Causing Fanboys To Swoon For Spoon

Can't wait for the V10-powered 2010 Acura NSX » 8/26/08 10:00am 8/26/08 10:00am? Good news, friend, as Japanese tuner Spoon is planning to convert left-hand-drive previous-generation Acura NSX's into fire-breathing s and ship them to the US. The bespoke NSX-R will first be going on a crash diet: Body panels get replaced by carbon fiber, thinner rear…

Even More Of The 2010 Acura NSX Rounding The 'Ring

Yes, we've seen the 2010 Acura NSX making a big splash with its camouflaged world debut in Germany. We've also briefly seen the car making its way around the Nürburgring's Nordschleife. Now, however, we're going to sit back and soak in that V10 symphony thanks to a new video providing over three minutes of footage… » 6/30/08 10:20am 6/30/08 10:20am

2010 Acura NSX Is Real After All

Even though we thought the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept from the 2007 Detroit Auto Show was a bit of a stinker when it came to telegraphing the 2010 Acura NSX, it looks like the shape has finally evolved into the real deal. That's right, here is the first look we've gotten at the front-engined successor to the… » 6/17/08 9:26am 6/17/08 9:26am