Delta Wing Racer: An IndyCar Batmobile Rocket Ship?

This is the Delta Wing, a concept angling to be the new IndyCar race. It's lighter, less expensive to run, and only has 300HP. It also looks like the Batmobile merged with a land-speed racer and a rocket ship. Updated. » 2/10/10 2:00pm 2/10/10 2:00pm

Rollin' With The 5.0: New Mustang V8 Up Close And Personal

For the 2011 model year Ford's bringing back the 5.0-liter V8 in the Mustang GT, at 412 HP and 390 lb-ft of torque, it's a nice piece of kit and here's a look at some of the details. » 1/12/10 11:45am 1/12/10 11:45am

Ford's 6.7-Liter Powerstroke V8 Is Crazy Like A Fox

You are looking at purified awesome: This is Ford's latest Super Duty diesel, a turbocharged, reverse-flow, 6.7-liter V8 designed without the help of an outside contractor. It's nicknamed "Scorpion." Notice anything weird about those cam buckets? » 1/12/10 9:00am 1/12/10 9:00am

2011 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8: Rollin' In My Five-Point-Oh

Today's our first time in-person with the 2011 Ford Mustang GT. What's it look like? A 'Stang with a 5.0-liter V8 crammed under the hood, just as God intended. » 1/11/10 3:40pm 1/11/10 3:40pm

Audi Reveals Second e-Tron Electric Concept, For “Idiots”

Audi President Johan de Nysschen called anyone interested in buying an electric car an "idiot" but that hasn't stopped the company from making another all-electric concept also called the Audi e-Tron, the second electric sports car since the Johan's remarks. » 1/11/10 1:25pm 1/11/10 1:25pm

Chinese Unveil Electric Dong Car Covered In Bush

If the highlight of the 2008 Detroit Auto Show was a dong-shaped Chinese car, this year's highlight might be this unmarked all-electric giant phallic car. Bonus points for the random green shrubs. » 1/11/10 11:25am 1/11/10 11:25am

Ten Ways To Prepare Your Car For The Swine Flupocalypse

Swine Flu has already killed over 149 people in Mexico. Forty confirmed cases have been reported in five States. Here's how and why you now need to prepare your car for the Swine Flupocalypse. » 4/27/09 3:00pm 4/27/09 3:00pm

UK Vanity License Plate Gets Record Reserve Auction Price Of $14K

One of the many ways British males compensate for lack of sexual prowess is by purchasing extraordinarily overpriced license plates. This "1 0" plate's expected to set a record, with an auction reserve of £10,000. » 1/28/09 12:00pm 1/28/09 12:00pm

Opel Meriva Pretending To Not Have Suicide Doors

The Opel Meriva » 10/07/08 9:20am 10/07/08 9:20am has been spotted undergoing development in the run up to its expected debut in about a year. The Meriva, if you recall, is a compact MPV sporting "flexdoors," which, in the parlance of our times are really suicide doors — apparently including the word "suicide" in the name of any feature of a new car…

Suzuki Kizashi Images Leaked; Crayola Exterior Color Scheme Suspected

Grab your crayons, kids: Outlines of the 2010 Suzuki Kizashi » 9/12/08 10:40am 9/12/08 10:40am have been leaked from the sieve-like European Trademark Office. The end result looks like the after engineering dropped it in the dryer and put it on the "Sonata, Malibu, 1-Series Cycle." This is a pretty weak leak, considering we don't know what the…

2010 BMW V5 Spotted During Hot-Weather Testing

The artist previously known as the 2010 BMW V5 » 8/28/08 3:54pm 8/28/08 3:54pm has been spotted during hot-weather testing and continues to confound everyone of its raison d'etre. Since it's no longer called the apparently, we're just going to refer to it as the Mutt, since it's a mix of pretty much everything. The BMW Mutt appears to be about the…

V Eight Planning 620 HP Jensen Interceptor SX

This is so very cool — V Eight, the guys who renovate and restore Jensens, then load them up with LS2s to create the Jensen Interceptors S » 8/26/08 6:20pm 8/26/08 6:20pm, are planning to build the limited-edition, restyled, high-performance Jensen Interceptor SX beginning in 2010. Only 25 copies of the Interceptor SX will be produced, but those few…

2010 Ford Fusion Spied Uncovered For Desert Testing

It gets pretty hot in the desert we hear, which might explain why the 2010 Ford Fusion twins pictured here stripped off its usual thick black camo to show off the new sedan's goods for the ready photographers from KGP. The most intriguing question these photos pose is: are those the real headlights? Previous Fusion… » 8/14/08 4:20pm 8/14/08 4:20pm