REPORT: BMW 1 Series M Coupe Getting 445 HP

The slueths at 1Addicts pulled up this chart listing future BMW engines, including a 340 hp twin-turbocharged N54 inline-six for the BMW 1M. Makes sense. Intriguingly, this document also hints at a 445 hp BMW 1-series. Wait, what? » 11/23/10 3:30pm 11/23/10 3:30pm

BMW 1 Series M Does The Cadillac Strip Tease

The BMW 1 Series M's showing a little skin with a front quarter strip tease a la Cadillac CTS Coupe. Nice cross-drilled rotors. We were going to call it "The Bob Lutz Strip Tease," but that's a horrifying mental image. » 8/27/10 4:30pm 8/27/10 4:30pm

BMW 1M Is The New 1 Series M Coupe

The new BMW 1 Series M Coupe will not be called the M1. According to BMW's Dr. Kay Segler "BMW M1 is a name with powerful historical our new model will be called the BMW 1 Series M Coupé." » 7/08/10 7:25pm 7/08/10 7:25pm

BMW 1-Series M Confirmed, Won't Be Called M1

BMW's M-anaging director Dr. Kay Segler has confirmed the mysterious 1-Series testers we've seeing are indeed testers for a new M-division product. But, it won't wear the M1 moniker. No matter — lighter and faster, please. [ (translated) via Pistonheads] » 6/04/10 8:30am 6/04/10 8:30am

REPORT: BMW M1 1-Series Coming With 350 HP

After throwing an M badge on all manner of crossovers and SUVs, BMW may finally bestow one upon the 1-series — creating the BMW M1 — a twin-turbo I6-powered 350 HP Bavarian cream puff. » 1/06/10 9:30am 1/06/10 9:30am