2009 Ford F-150 Release Postponed Two Months, Truck Production Cut

Ford announced today that it was delaying the release of their 2009 Ford F-150 on the heels of GM's announcement that they would likely delay the development of the replacement for their GMT900 platform. Obviously, the merger of high gas prices and the F-150 getting thumped by the Civic has convinced Ford it also… » 6/20/08 10:55am 6/20/08 10:55am

Toby Keith Has An Amerigasm For The 2009 Ford F-150

Toby Keith, the Ford Truck Man, he of the Bold Toby Keith Emissions Boot-in-Ass Emissions was on hand to introduce the new 2009 Ford F-150 pickup truck. It's a fantastic Amerigasm of our country-ism. No talk of EcoBoost or hybrid powertrains here. Later, basically everyone with a camera stormed Keith and put a camera… » 1/13/08 11:16am 1/13/08 11:16am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Ford F-150 Live And In The Flesh

We have the first shots of the 2009 Ford F-150 and, if you're a "Ford Truck Man" you'll certainly enjoy them. And if not, with 35 variations ranging from the entry level XL to the pre-pimped luxo Platinum Edition if you can't find one you like you're just not trying hard enough. Live shots below and the in-person… » 1/13/08 10:15am 1/13/08 10:15am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Ford F-150 Official Pics and Details

The 2009 Ford F-150 has arrived and, for potential buyers, there are two major stories here other than the new frame and exterior: more standard/available features and more model variations. Now standard is the AdvanceTrack with Roll Stability Control (RSC), Trailer Sway Control, the new Tailgate w/ box side steps and… » 1/13/08 12:01am 1/13/08 12:01am

Detroit Auto Show: 2009 Ford F-150 Logo Revealed, Bubbly

Somehow we came across this logo for the new 2009 Ford F-150 pickup we're expecting to be revealed at the Detroit Auto Show in just two weeks. We're not even really sure where it came from or how we came across the site we found it at. But one thing's for sure — it's most assuredly the new logo for the new boldly… » 12/28/07 8:45am 12/28/07 8:45am