Dodge Challenger SRT8 Buyers Lining Up, Paying $20K Over Sticker

Buyers are getting desperate to ensure one of the five thousand 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8's initially rumored to be available for purchase will end up nestled snugly in their garage. We've already told you about the pricing details on the SRT8 Challenger, and the impressive presale orders of Dodge's new muscle car,… » 12/08/07 1:00pm 12/08/07 1:00pm

The 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Photos We've Already Shown You, Now in…

Although we already broke the detail photos of the 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 to you first two days ago, it now seems "The New Chrsyler" has deemed it safe to get in the act. Dodge has gone and revealed the same shots today — only this time in high resolution. So check the photos out below in their full glory — and… » 12/06/07 10:32am 12/06/07 10:32am

Mopar Madness: 6,000 Presales of 2008 Challenger SRT8

Dodge just issued a release exclaiming how excited they are over all of the excitement for the Dodge Challenger SRT8 (yes, the same Challenger we just revealed the first detail shots of earlier today, and first to show you a commercial on last week) — an excitement instigated by their release of pricing for said… » 12/05/07 4:25pm 12/05/07 4:25pm

Dodge Challenger SRT8 Dealer Pamphlet Showing Off Potential Detail…

So there's what appear to be scans of a Dodge dealer pamphlet for the 2008 Challenger and Challenger SRT8 making its way around the internet. While some of the shots in the scans appear to show off the concept vehicle (the tiny words that say "concept vehicle shown" are the dead giveaway), some of the detail photos… » 12/04/07 11:15pm 12/04/07 11:15pm