Godzillas, Geishas And Organized Crime: 0-60 Delves Into Motorex

Before there was the 2009 Nissan GT-R there was the Skyline, and if you wanted one in this country you had to go through an importer called Motorex. The problem was, the company didn't do what it was supposed to: import cars, convert them to DOT spec and then deliver them to customers. Sure, some cars got delivered,… » 7/09/08 4:30pm 7/09/08 4:30pm

Audi RS4 Avant

Perusing the latest issue of Top Gear I came across Jeremy Clarkson's column in which he tries to identify the perfect car. What gave him the idea? He'd just taken a ride in an RS4 Avant. Sure, a few sentences later ye olde Jezza determines that the hyperkinetic Deutsch wagon is not perfect. But, check out his gripes:… » 8/28/07 11:15am 8/28/07 11:15am

That Sound You Heard Was the American Car Magazine Business…

Brian Scotto is freakishly tall, at least to my average-minus eye height. He's also a freakishly nice guy, which in the magazine business is like finding a Tahitian pearl in a plate of McCormick and Schmick's oysters. That's why, when I heard Scotto was working on a new car magazine - not just a car magazine, my dream… » 8/20/07 1:15pm 8/20/07 1:15pm

Sound of a New World Being Born? 0-60 In 184 Days

The kids over at Harris Publications, undaunted by the demise of periodicals such as Custom Rodder, are launching a new book focusing on the world of sporting motorcars. Their teaser site's up now, and they dropped the preview issue at SEMA. Although it has no El Caminos to speak of, there is a certain white Starion in … » 11/20/06 6:45pm 11/20/06 6:45pm