i'll Be DAMD: Japanese Design Firm Hots Up the Mitsubishi i

Japanese design firm DAMD aims for SUPER UNDERBODY POTENTIAL! with its new BLACKxMETAL kit for the miniscule Mitsubishi i. The company says the three-piece package, which comprises front and rear half spoilers and side skirting, does more than just pretend to offer i drivers more downforce, it also creates… » 11/16/06 10:19am 11/16/06 10:19am

Primp My Ride: Ancel Chickifies Mitsubishi's i Car

Japanese tuning company DAMD, under its Ancel brand, created the ultimate expression of automotive girlishness using the simply darling Mitsubishi i as the subject. Stopping short of covering it in scented Strawberry Shortcake stickers, the company went with an ambrosial pink-on-pink color scheme, and installed a… » 5/19/06 9:30am 5/19/06 9:30am

The Mitsubishi I Car Is Totally O-Kei For Europe!

When AutoWeek reported last month Mitsubishi was testing the i minicar on the streets of Los Angeles we were a bit skeptical what reaction a 660cc (or even 1000cc for the world audience) car would garner from auto-obsessed Los Angelinos. Well, whatever reaction Mitsubishi received, it would appear the company from… » 5/15/06 8:48pm 5/15/06 8:48pm

Why Do You Come to This Mess?: Mitsubishi Tests i in LA

Mitsubishi's i minicar was the hit of the Tokyo motor show in 2003, and hit Japan's streets in production guise earlier this year. Now, the company is testing the i in Los Angeles to see if it might be able to head off Smart's purported entry into the US (not exactly a problem, considering Mitsu will likely supply… » 4/04/06 3:34pm 4/04/06 3:34pm