Norwegian Hoons Are Audi Wagon Drifting Masters

Wow, we knew the those viking types had fun storming castles and laying siege to things, but who knew they were also masters of the four wheel drift?These guys do an amazing job with a nice slow controlled drift all the way around some roundabouts in their favorite Audi 100 wagon. Apparently pounding down fish balls… » 5/05/08 4:40pm 5/05/08 4:40pm

Stuck in the Middle Way-Oh, Way-Oh: IMSA GTO Audi 90

In 1969, a man was born. His name was John Reis. At the tail end of the 1980s, he formed a band known as Rocket From the Crypt, which would go on to rock the faces off of the masses until their final show on Halloween of 2005. At the tail end of the 1980s, Audi entered two balls-to-the-wall 90s in IMSA GTO… » 4/24/07 11:30pm 4/24/07 11:30pm