What's The Meanest Car With Four (Or Five) Doors?

Chris Harris tackling the Alpina B3 turbo got me thinking of all the super sedans we've tested recently. From the feline and expensive 2014 Aston Martin Rapide S to the winged and exclusive Jaguar XFR-S, if it has four doors (or five in the case of the CTS-V wagon and Audi RS7) we'e probably driven it. But which is your favorite?

Is The Alpina B3 Biturbo An Accidental M3 Killer?

You might not realize it, but BMW basically has two tuning companies. M gmbh makes the hardcore performance cars you love while Alpina fine tunes BMWs for understated performance on the road. But is the new Alpina B3 also an M3 killer? Let's have Chris Harris find out.

On paper, it sure seems like it might be. The car has a twin-turbo straight six and 410 horsepower. Those are specs that are basically the same as what is rumored for the upcoming M3. It's linked to ZF's amazing 8-speed automatic, which is just as good as almost every dual-clutch trans out there.



This is also a car built for the road, not the track. And Harris seems to think it excels everyday.

It also looks amazing. Understated and elegant, not overwrought and crazy.

But the real test comes when you take the Alpina to the track. Will it be able to play in the domain of the M3? Let's take a look.

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