Having used the Ford Modular V8 as a launch pad, Koenigsegg reengineered this berserker mill for the Agera R hypercar from the ground up at its headquarters in Ängelholm, Sweden. Its goal? Specifically to get as many horses galloping as possible.

On this episode of Inside Koenigsegg, Christian Von Koenigsegg gives us a walk-around tour of the five-liter, 1140-horsepower V8 that provides the Agera R with its cornea-popping performance. It's the "heart of a hypercar" if you will.

Weighing around 436 pounds, the V8 is bolted right onto the Agera R's carbon-fiber monocoque to act as a stressed member, like engines often do on purpose-built racecars. 


Interesting to note, cars headed to Brazil are factory-tuned to run on straight ethanol (E100), which is heavily used in that sugar cane-rich nation, where nearly all new cars sold are flex-fuel capable.