Australia Gets America's Sloppy Seconds

GM just facelifted the 2014 Chevy Malibu, but they're sending Australia the old 'Bu. Looks like the Aussies are getting the US' sloppy seconds.

Yes, the Holden Malibu looks like a pre-facelifted Malibu with a new grill, and if you think I'm crazy, there's a picture of the US-model 2013 Malibu is in black under the silver 2014 Holden 'Bu.

Autoblog reports that GM says they modified the Holden for the right-hand-drive Australian market. The drivetrain is retuned, the suspension is retuned, and the car even has new right-hand-drive spec tires. In the business, this is what I call "desperately looking for something to overshadow the fact that your new car looks just like your old one."


At first I thought GM was just ashamed of the look of the new 'Bu and wanted to keep it out of foreign countries, but I think that now they're just cheaping out on the shrinking Aussie car market.

Photo Credits: GM