Giugiaro Parcour Finally Gives The World A Supercar Unafraid of Speed…

We showed you some pics of ItalDesign's sort-of neo-Stratos-like supercar-in-hiking-boots yesterday, though at the time we referred to it as the X-GT. It now appears the official name is the Giugiaro Parcour. It's as wonderful as it is insane. » 3/05/13 1:15pm 3/05/13 1:15pm

A Slight Detour For Our SRTxSW Road Trip

Important updates to our SRTxSW Road Trip we told you about last week. We will be skipping DC tonight because of the crazy Snowquester snow storm heading that way and will instead take the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT to Raleigh, North Carolina and will meet the Viper at another location. Also, we can now tell you Gizmodo's … » 3/05/13 12:33pm 3/05/13 12:33pm

Alfa Romeo 4C: 2,100 Pounds Of Italian Lust

Geneva's lineup of extravagant cars is exciting to most, but the Porsche-battling Alfa Romeo 4C is of particular interest to North American aficionados. That's because the Italians who have ensconced themselves in Detroit are actually going to be selling the super light coupé in the U.S. by the end of the year. » 3/05/13 10:19am 3/05/13 10:19am

Professor Who Crashed His Maserati Ordered To Stop Driving

The Nova Scotia physics professor who was charged with impaired driving and dangerous driving has struck a plea deal that will keep him out of jail, but off the roads for a while. Today Brandon van Zyl, owner of the 2011 Maserati Quattroporte involved in a crash in New Glasgow last fall, pleaded guilty to a lesser… » 3/05/13 9:43am 3/05/13 9:43am

For $2,000, Are This Civic’s BFGs A BFD?

Top Gear is presently in the middle of a cracking two-parter about the lads traversing Africa in three estates they bought for 1500 quid each. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Civic Wagon is even less than that, but do you think it’s worth it to try and catch up with Jezza, Captain Slow and the Hamster? » 3/05/13 8:00am 3/05/13 8:00am