'A Good Day To Die Hard' Destroyed 132 Vehicles Worth $11 Million

By all accounts, A Good Day To Die Hard is a terrible movie. But the stunts, well, there were a lot of them and they cost a fortune. Director John Moore decided that when it came to smashing expensive vehicles, it was time to go big or go home. » 2/19/13 10:18am 2/19/13 10:18am

Why Is A Lincoln Promoted Tweet Linked To Hashtag About An African War…

The #Kony2012 hastag was huge last year thanks to a viral campaign to bring notorious African warlord and child army leader Joseph Kony to justice. But if you search that on Twitter now, you just get a bunch of joke tweets. And a promoted post from the Lincoln Motor Company. Wait, what? » 2/19/13 9:48am 2/19/13 9:48am

Here's How People Drive When They're Really, Really Stoned

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State, authorities need some way of deciding when a person is too stoned to drive. Law enforcement has set legal limits, but are they too low? Washington TV station KIRO got a bunch of people high and set them loose on a police road course,… » 2/19/13 9:40am 2/19/13 9:40am

The 2013 Williams F1 Car Is 80% New

According to Chief Designer Mike Coughlan, the FW35 got a new gearbox, rear suspension, nose, exhaust and floor design compared to last year's model, while it is also significantly lighter than the FW34 was. That should keep Maldonado happy. » 2/19/13 9:25am 2/19/13 9:25am

Tesla Model S - a month of use in NYC

In my first month with the Model S, my wife Jennie and our two kids have done what most car-owning NYC residents typically do: taken trips to New Jersey and Connecticut, parked in two feet of snow and slush and in various garages, driven it up and down between midtown, Chelsea Piers, and downtown on the streets and… » 2/19/13 9:18am 2/19/13 9:18am

Ford Has Another Movement, Bentley Has A Fragrance, And Whitacre Has An…

This is The Morning Shift, our one-stop daily roundup of all the auto news that's actually important — all in one place at 9:00 AM. Or, you could spend all day waiting for other sites to parse it out to you one story at a time. Isn't your time more important? » 2/19/13 9:07am 2/19/13 9:07am

For $3,950, Yo Quiero Roadmaster?

The term Rat, when applied to a car, implies a certain level of, how shall we say, rattiness that itself implies a focus on function over form. Despite its seller giving it that appellation, today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Buick Roadmaster is more a whale than a rat, but would paying its price make you batty? » 2/19/13 8:00am 2/19/13 8:00am

The Rinspeed Micro Max Is A Mini-Sized Bus From The Future

Frank M. Rinderknecht's creative powerhouse joined forces with infotainment company Harman to create the perfect urban traffic system. The Micro Max electric vehicle is part of the revolutionary idea, using Cloud technology with real time navigation functions while balancing between the functions of personal and… » 2/19/13 7:32am 2/19/13 7:32am

Look At These Lovely And A Bit Sad Pictures Of The Universe's Largest…

It was a great day for wealthy microcar afficionados who have longed for a Biscuter to liven up their walk-in humidor, but a sad day for those of us who would just love to see a crapload of microcars all in one place. That's because the greatest microcar musuem, the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum is closing its doors… » 2/18/13 8:29pm 2/18/13 8:29pm

This Is Automotive Storytelling At Its Best

I've been wondering about how I should feature Josh Clason's work on Jalopnik. I first came across his Depth of Speed series when it started in 2011, and after he produced two fantastic seasons under that umbrella, his returned with something even better: the Petrolicius videos. » 2/18/13 5:40pm 2/18/13 5:40pm

Two gauges, some Dymo, a medium-sized tach, a steering wheel with zero buttons: this is how simple the Porsche 917/30’s cockpit was. Then again, with 1,500 hp on tap, maybe it’s best not to multitask. » 2/18/13 4:34pm 2/18/13 4:34pm

This Drag Racer Walked Away From A 300 MPH Explosion

Thanks to modern safety advances, Top Fuel drag racing champion Antron Brown walked away from his car exploding at 300 miles per hour and crashing multiple times into concrete retaining barriers. » 2/18/13 4:34pm 2/18/13 4:34pm

This Is Drowsy Driving Illustrated In One Amazing Tattoo

Driving while drowsy is incredibly dangerous, yet we never really think of it like distracted driving or drunk driving. This tattoo will make you think differently. » 2/18/13 4:33pm 2/18/13 4:33pm

The Best Split-Window Coupes

There are a few pieces of car engineering that are immediately evocative of particular time periods: dual-clutch transmissions bring to mind recent sports and super cars. Carburetors remind us of vintage racecars. Split-windows necessarily refer to pre-World War II family sedans. Or do they? » 2/18/13 4:15pm 2/18/13 4:15pm

Florida Couple Got Sexy In A Car And Crashed It Into A House

Driving is great. So is sex. Mixing the two is a bad plan. And where else but in Florida would an affectionate motorist couple step forward to serve as an example why. » 2/18/13 4:05pm 2/18/13 4:05pm

The Amazing Decorated Trucks Of India

One of the most striking things an American will notice on India's highways is how almost all their cargo seems to be transported by these lavishly decorated and slightly ramshackle large trucks. They're everywhere, often overloaded to twice their normal height, and barrelling down the road with a gleeful disregard… » 2/18/13 3:57pm 2/18/13 3:57pm

Last Chance: Get The Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds For 77% Off

Wireless bluetooth ear buds are the new norm for on-the-go music listening. For a limited time, Jalopnik readers can save 77% on the sleek, comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds. This deal is ending soon, so don't miss out. » 3/27/15 1:01pm Friday 1:01pm

Get 50% Off One Week of Blue Apron: Fresh Ingredient & Recipe Delivery 

With fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes delivered to your home weekly, Blue Apron cuts down on meal-planning drudgery and focuses on the fun and flavor of home cooking. Even better, Blue Apron is offering Gawker readers the first week - three meals for two people – for just $30, half off the regular price. » 3/30/15 4:42pm Yesterday 4:42pm