For $5,000, Martini & Honda, On The Rocks, Say What?

In Hollywood lingo, the Martini Shot is the final set up of the day after which you get your drunk on. Today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe 1982 Accord might be staring in a European flick because it’s painted in Martini livery, but will its price have you yelling action!? » 2/14/13 8:03am 2/14/13 8:03am

I Have An Awesome Job And I Would Like To Share It With You All

Let's not beat around the proverbial shrubbery: I'm lucky enough to have an awesome job as Motorsport Communications Manager for a leading energy drink manufacturer and it would be pretty damn rude of me to keep this fun-fuelled life all to myself. » 2/13/13 5:04pm 2/13/13 5:04pm

408 Integrale - The First Four Wheel Drive Ferrari

Predating the FF by 25 years, the 408 was conceived in 1987 in order to promote a nascent Ferrari-branded engineering consultancy, similar to long-running operations ran by Porsche and Lotus. » 2/13/13 1:52pm 2/13/13 1:52pm

Who’s The Greatest Pay Driver Racing Today?

Every so often, you see a drier in the field who is hopelessly slower than his or her teammate, but always seems to get a seat for the next season. This person is what we call a pay driver.  » 2/13/13 5:39pm 2/13/13 5:39pm

The Screwing Of IndyCar's Newest Female Driver

I remember it like yesterday. The email came through in January of last year from Katherine Legge, telling me she’d hooked up with this fabulous new sponsor, TrueCar, but I couldn’t say a word about it until, unless the team she was joining was named. So I kept my trap shut and waited until, finally, Katherine was… » 2/13/13 4:39pm 2/13/13 4:39pm

This Is How To Build The Brain Of A Million-Dollar Supercar

Here's how to build the computer brain of a Koenigsegg Agera R. Step one, hire a hardware and software engineer named Mattias. (Leave the last S on for "smart.") Step two, ? Step three, profit. Maybe that's an understatement. Let's see. » 2/13/13 4:03pm 2/13/13 4:03pm

The McLaren P1 Might Eat GT3 Race Cars For Lunch

We've heard for a while that the McLaren P1 is going to be rocket fast. If new rumors are to be believed, it could be even faster than we originally thought. We're talking way faster than a GT3 racer fast. » 2/13/13 3:41pm 2/13/13 3:41pm

Show Us Everything That's Wrong With The Horrifying Gulf Lotus X12

I need to start this post with an apology. I'm sorry you're about to see this. You may want to send the kids into the other room; this might upset them. » 2/13/13 3:30pm 2/13/13 3:30pm

McLaren F1: German Engine, French Tools, Japanese Stereo, Swiss Watch

When the McLaren F1 came out in 1992, standard equipment included a 627 horsepower BMW V12, air conditioning, electric windows and central locking, remote battery charging point with external charger, a flashlight in a tailored compartment next to the F1 Owner's Manual, a 10 CD Kenwood stereo system and a limited… » 2/13/13 3:17pm 2/13/13 3:17pm

How To Possibly Get Your Post Featured On The Jalopnik Front Page

Y'all have heard, and have now seen, that we can repub posts from your personal Kinja sites to the front page of Jalopnik. It's a good thing for everyone and we're having a lot of fun with it thus far. Here are a few tips on how to get us to notice your fine work. » 2/13/13 3:03pm 2/13/13 3:03pm

Watch The BMW M135i Get Smoky And Slide-y On A Wet Day

Of all the current BMWs we don't get in the U.S., my favorite is the M135i. You know, the hatchback with rear-wheel-drive and a turbocharged straight six good for 315 horsepower. The headlights are kind of goofy, but the rest of car is so awesome that I'd let that slide. » 2/13/13 2:57pm 2/13/13 2:57pm

Moto-khana Jumps On (Or Over) The Bandwagon

Following the success of the Gymkhana series, which have racked up nearly 200 million total views on Youtube, DC Shoes is looking to promote their other brands in a similar fashion. The DC Moto TeamWorks line, originally released in 2007, is the next target of this video marketing and branding scheme, debuting the… » 2/12/13 4:24pm 2/12/13 4:24pm

Florida Driver Gets Owl Stuck In Grill

A Florida woman was driving down the turnpike to Miami last Thursday when she hit a Great Horned Owl. Though it was trapped behind the SUV's grill for a full day, the bird was not harmed. » 2/13/13 1:57pm 2/13/13 1:57pm

Elon Musk Calls NYT Reporter To Apologize Before Blasting Him On Twitter

Drama! There’s loads of drama on tap in the electric car world between the New York Times and Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk over the Times’ recent test of a Model S. Now, the reporter who wrote the damning piece has fired back against Musk’s claim that the story was “fake.” » 2/13/13 1:09pm 2/13/13 1:09pm

See What Happens When Fast & Furious and Forza Horizon 2 Collide

Who doesn't love a free ride? Especially when it's in one of the cars from the explosive, high-octane Fast & Furious movies. For most people, getting the keys to these cars IRL is a no-go, but there's an alternative: the worlds of Forza Horizon 2 and Fast & Furious collide this week in a free (for now!) expansion that… » 3/30/15 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

Last Chance: Get The Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds For 77% Off

Wireless bluetooth ear buds are the new norm for on-the-go music listening. For a limited time, Jalopnik readers can save 77% on the sleek, comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds. This deal is ending soon, so don't miss out. » 3/27/15 1:01pm Friday 1:01pm