Ferrari’s Formula One Car Has Already Caught On Fire

The 2013 F1 season is only four days into testing and a Ferrari has already caught on fire. » 2/08/13 3:45pm 2/08/13 3:45pm

Could It Be Illegal To Drive An Ex-Cop Car?

We think that decommissioned police cruisers make great used cars, but could driving one be illegal? One Jalopnik reader found out from a run-in with the police. » 2/08/13 3:20pm 2/08/13 3:20pm

The Porsche 911 Is 50 Years Of Pure Evolution

This year marks the 50th birthday of the most iconic sports car of them all, the Porsche 911. Now you can go the Jeremy Clarkson way and start bitching about how the whole idea of putting the engine in the rear was stupid, or start an argument about how it is only a tuned up Volkswagen, but no matter what you think,… » 2/08/13 3:00pm 2/08/13 3:00pm

This Is Why Good Guy Kimi Raikkonen Is Our Favorite Racing Driver

Kimi Raikkonen is a throwback racer of the highest order. He tells it like it is. He doesn't seem to spend a lot of time worrying about working out. He plays badminton with Sebastian Vettel. He has a great sense of humor. He likes drinking... a lot. » 2/08/13 2:40pm 2/08/13 2:40pm

Show Us Your Favorite Snow Hoonage Photos And Videos

In the event that you live in the northeastern United States and get your news and information exclusively from Jalopnik, then it is my duty to warn you that it's going to snow this weekend. A lot, maybe. Probably. Oh, who knows? » 2/08/13 2:20pm 2/08/13 2:20pm

How A Taxi Nearly Killed Me, And Other Observations From The UAE

The UAE is, in many ways, like the USA. It's a collection of 7 emirates (similar to our states) bound together by a federal government. Emiratis also love cars as much, or perhaps more than, the typical American. » 2/08/13 2:00pm 2/08/13 2:00pm

Google Wants Self-Driving Car Tech Available Within Five Years

If you're here reading Jalopnik, you probably enjoy the act of driving more than just about anything else. But could our days behind the wheel really be numbered? » 2/08/13 1:40pm 2/08/13 1:40pm

Rowan 'Mr. Bean' Atkinson's Insurance Company Dropped $1.4 Million To…

Remember when British comedy megastar Rowan Atkinson skirted death by crashing his McLaren F1 and lived to tell the tale? Well, he just got it fixed. He's probably very happy to get the supercar back, but I'm sure his insurance company is crying into their beers tonight. » 2/08/13 1:20pm 2/08/13 1:20pm

Chrysler Does Us All A Solid, Offers Budget SRT "Core" Models

While other performance-oriented brands are figuring out ways to charge car buyers more and more (often more money for fewer features), Chrysler's SRT brand has the budget-minded enthusiast covered. Cheaper versions of their most powerful cars that forego the luxury features we don't care about? Yes, please. » 2/08/13 12:40pm 2/08/13 12:40pm

NASCAR Chooses Racing Icon James Franco As Daytona 500 Grand Marshall

Who is the first actor you think of when you think of motorsports? Paul Newman? James Garner? Steve McQueen? Patrick Dempsey? Jason Priestly? Tom Cruise? » 2/08/13 12:20pm 2/08/13 12:20pm

Spanish Policia Impound A Bunch Of Mercedes E63 AMGs For Basically No…

The fastest car you'll ever drive is one you don't own. This is certainly true on media test drives, where automotive journalists have a tendency to indulge in a bit of vehicular mayhem. » 2/08/13 12:00pm 2/08/13 12:00pm

What Do You Do To A Car Just Because You’re An Asshole?

We recently heard that Frank Ocean is converting his BMW to right-hand drive, like that Civic above. There is only one reason to make your car so demonstrably worse: because you're an asshole. » 2/08/13 11:30am 2/08/13 11:30am

The Most Depreciated Cars Of The Past Ten Years

The great thing about rich people is that they buy new cars like mad and let the old ones go for pennies. Jalopnik readers know these ten most-depreciated cars of the past ten years. » 2/08/13 11:00am 2/08/13 11:00am

Dollar Shave Club Delivers You Fresh Razors for a Few Bucks a Month

It's no secret that shaving with a fresh razor blade feels great. But razor prices are so high people try to make their blades last for weeks at a time. Doing so causes cuts, skin irritation, and generally painful shaves. But with Dollar Shave Club you can always get a smooth shave with a fresh razor because they… » 3/31/15 3:09pm Yesterday 3:09pm

Last Chance: Get The Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds For 77% Off

Wireless bluetooth ear buds are the new norm for on-the-go music listening. For a limited time, Jalopnik readers can save 77% on the sleek, comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds. This deal is ending soon, so don't miss out. » 3/27/15 1:01pm Friday 1:01pm

Get 50% Off One Week of Blue Apron: Fresh Ingredient & Recipe Delivery 

With fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes delivered to your home weekly, Blue Apron cuts down on meal-planning drudgery and focuses on the fun and flavor of home cooking. Even better, Blue Apron is offering Gawker readers the first week - three meals for two people – for just $30, half off the regular price. » 3/30/15 4:42pm Monday 4:42pm