NYC Built Two Yankee Stadiums in the Time it Took to Build the Second Avenue Subway

New York City’s Second Avenue Subway is scheduled to open on December 30, 2016—an astounding 96 years after it was first proposed. A lot has happened since 1920. In a charming infographic, DNAinfo looks at all the major infrastructural milestones which NYC accomplished in the time it took to get one subway line built.

Parking Lot Racing Is Actually Fun To Watch When The Cars Are This Dumb

Motor Trend’s YouTube show “Roadkill” has been a consistently excellent source of automotive idiocy for years. In 49 episodes they’ve lived many our jalopy dreams by putting monster engines in weird cars and using a Sawzall with extreme prejudice. Now we get to see their terrible fleet together in a ten-car showdown!

Here Are Ten Of The Best Sleepers You Can Buy For Less Than $5000

Just what in the hell is a sleeper? It’s the unassuming grocery-getter that can blow the doors off your V8 midlife-crisis-on-wheels. It’s also the type of car I asked my readers to find last week, and from the suggestions, I’ve selected the ten best vehicles that can discretely burn rubber without burning a hole in…