Dainese Is Getting Serious About Bringing Airbags To The World

For over four years, Dainese has been offering its airbag-equipped racing suit in Europe, but it’s never been available in the States. That changes this September, when the first batch of D-Air suits land in the U.S., and Dainese is taking it a step further, opening its airbag tech to other companies. » 6/03/15 8:15pm Just now

The TSA Has A 95 Percent Failure Rate For Finding Bombs And Weapons

BREAKING NEWS: The Transportation Security Administration isn’t good for anything except laughing at your flabby naked body and molesting disabled children. If you want to know what a wasteful joke of security theater the administration really is, look no further than a new report that shows how often they failed to… » 6/03/15 7:30pm 45 minutes ago

Modern U.S. Destroyer Greets Replica Of 235-Year-Old French Frigate

In what is truly a spectacular sight to behold, the American Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer USS Mitscher (DDG-57) welcomed the French Concorde Class Frigate replica Hermione off the East Coast of the U.S. yesterday. The Hermione had just completed a cross Atlantic journey as part of her mission of goodwill and… » 6/03/15 6:45pm Today 6:45pm

What If Corvette Racing Ran A Le Mans Prototype?

Since Formula One has become a bit stale and stifled by regulations, the World Endurance Championship has emerged as a much more interesting “anything goes” sort of racing series. This leads to bonkers entries like the front-wheel drive Nissan GT-R LM Nismo prototype. But if Corvette Racing ran an LMP1 prototype, what… » 6/03/15 4:41pm Today 4:41pm

Potholes In Panama Are Literally Crying Out For Help On Twitter

Potholes are the garbage of roads. But they’re also the bane of the existence of drivers in Panama City, a gleaming metropolis of skyscrapers and beauty, which was so busy building all of it that it forgot about its actual roads. One company sought to change that, by having the potholes tweet about it every time a… » 6/03/15 4:20pm Today 4:20pm

This Could Be The Cure For Endlessly Looking For Parking In Cities

One of my favorite statistics ever is that 30 percent of drivers in cities are circling the block to find parking. The traffic data nerds at Inrix thinks it’s found the solution, snagging data from a host of sources to create a heat map of where to find open spaces, and it’s coming to BMW later this year.
» 6/03/15 3:50pm Today 3:50pm

Airbus A330 Flies For 25 Minutes Over The Pacific With Both Engines Out

On May 23rd, Singapore Airlines Flight 836, an Airbus A330-343 flying from Singapore to Shanghai, was cruising through inclement weather at 39,000 feet with 188 passengers and 12 crew aboard. While over international waters, both Rolls-Royce Trent turbofan engines experienced a total loss of power. » 6/03/15 3:25pm Today 3:25pm

May 2015 U.S. Automaker Market Share Chart - Sergio Style

There’s no hiding the fact that Sergio Marchionne wants to marry his Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to a rival automaker. Maybe the Volkswagen Group? General Motors looks awfully desirable. If two-thirds of the old Detroit Three got together, why not add Ford Motor Company to the mix? » 6/03/15 3:12pm Today 3:12pm

The Five Most Amazing Automotive-Themed Romance Novels

I remember when I found out that there was a whole sub-genre of romance novels set against a NASCAR backdrop. “Huh,” I think I thought, “That’s pretty weird.” Really, though, I had no idea. There’s a huge, little-known subgenre of automotive-related romance novels that’s been around for years. Here’s five of the most… » 6/03/15 2:15pm Today 2:15pm

Team GTR Not Dancing Naked in The Fountain of Trevi... Yet. 

It’s Sunday afternoon with 1 hour 20 minutes to go in the American Endurance Racing series season opening event. We are three laps down in second place, and consistently turning lap times in the 1:16’s at NJMP’s Lightning track- taking a second and half to two seconds off the gap each time we pass the start/finish… » 6/03/15 1:24pm Today 1:24pm

Today's Best Deals: Eneloops, Sound Bars, Flash Storage, Fallout 4

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best. » 6/03/15 1:15pm Today 1:15pm

These Special Edition Cars Were Only Sold In Canada

The Ford Mustang GT California Special, the Nurburgring Edition Lexus LFA—there are plenty of special edition cars out there built or named for specific places, but what about us Canadians? Turns out we’ve had some neat limited editions of our own. » 6/03/15 12:57pm Today 12:57pm

Get Brand Name Sound Without the Hype: Status Audio Headphones ($38)

Status Audio created the HD One headphones with a single goal in mind: deliver great sound with a classic look and leave the superfluous details behind. While the headphones are already less than half the price of competitors, right now you can grab a pair for just $38, a savings of over 20%. Enter promo code HDONEJAL » 6/01/15 12:00pm Monday 12:00pm