Another Classic Car From Goldfinger Will Appear In SPECTRE

Audiences cheered when the 1964 Aston Martin DB5, fully laden with gadgets, reappeared in the James Bond franchise with 2012’s Skyfall after first appearing in Goldfinger. Along with the DB5, SPECTRE will have another automotive connection to one of the best Bond films of all time. »10/05/15 9:00pmYesterday 9:00pm

Russian Ships Enter The Mediterranean As Fighters Test Turkey's Airspace

More evidence of Russia’s deepening and seemingly erratic involvement in Syria’s civil war has now appeared via movements of parts of its Black Sea Fleet into the Mediterranean and blatant incursions into Turkey’s airspace by their Syrian-based tactical aircraft.
»10/05/15 7:50pmYesterday 7:50pm

Yale Just Released 170,000 Incredible Photos of Depression-Era America

The photos taken by Farm Security Administration photographers in the 1930s are some of the most iconic images in American history. We’re all familiar with some of the snapshots of craggy-faced farmers, but unseen photos in government archives tell a more complex story of a struggling country. Yale just released a… »10/05/15 7:20pmYesterday 7:20pm

The Trans Pacific Partnership Is A First Step To Cheap, Small Pickups In The U.S.

The landmark Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement got signed today and it could mean the end of the most restrictive tariff in the American auto industry. But it’s only the start of a difficult and secretive process. »10/05/15 6:51pmYesterday 6:51pm

Here's A New Angle On An Airbus A380 Landing In A Crosswind

Two weeks ago, Flight Club brought you video of an Emirates Airbus A380 landing in a crosswind in Düsseldorf, Germany. Now we’ve got another Emirates A380 landing at the same airport, but this time filmed from the rear. Watch how much that enormous rudder pivots to align the massive jet with the runway. »10/05/15 4:55pmYesterday 4:55pm

Caption This Spec Miata Save

This weekend’s SCCA MARRS Finale race at Summit Point was run through the weekend with the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin and the southeast’s historic rain event. Needless to say it was very wet, very slick and probably the most fun we’ve had behind the wheel of a race car in a long time. It nearly came to an end in… »10/05/15 4:41pmYesterday 4:41pm

Stop Driving Through Floods, You Idiots

When it became clear last week that the looming weather catastrophe wouldn’t be remembered for Hurricane Joaquin, but rather the historic flooding in the Carolinas, I knew that the internet would be plastered with videos of idiots driving through floods come Monday. Idiots came through. Don’t drive through a flood,… »10/05/15 4:20pmYesterday 4:20pm

Ocean City Police Had A Hella Good Time Impounding Stanced Cars This Weekend

Picturesque Ocean City, Maryland. Home to a lovely boardwalk, fine dining, and of course, the stanced car fest H2Oi, infamously also the most-ticketed car show in America. This past weekend’s H2Oi 2015 was no exception. Journey with us through Instagram as we see the crackdown on stance. »10/05/15 3:59pmYesterday 3:59pm

Did The U.S. Air Force Just Goof Up Its Own History In Space?

Early this morning, the U.S. Air Force tweeted that today marks the 50th anniversary of their first orbiting satellite being launched into space. The satellite referenced in the tweet, known as OV1-2, carried a suite of instruments to better understand the space environment. But was it really the Air Force’s first… »10/05/15 3:01pmYesterday 3:01pm