The Swincar Spider Is An Offroad Monster With Crazy Articulation

Diehard offroad enthusiasts will tell you straightup: solid axles and big tires are the ticket to offroading prowess. But with the Swincar Spider, the French have taken a bit of a different approach: lightweight construction, electric power, and an insane independent suspension setup. » 8/03/15 10:00pm Yesterday 10:00pm

What Really Killed Terrorist Mastermind Mohamed Atef?

William Arkin, recently of Gawker, has had a long career of attempting to tell some of the hardest stories there are tell, and his new book Unmanned: Drones, Data and the Illusion of Perfect Warfare is no different. In it, Arkin takes the reader on a voyage through the shadowy and often misunderstood world of unmanned… » 8/03/15 9:00pm Yesterday 9:00pm

I'm Having A Lancia Pixelated And You're All Invited To Drive It

You may recall a few months ago when I told you I was going to be making a colossal installation of the 8-bit driving game Pole Position that you play using an actual car. Notably, I wasn’t lying — the installation will open August 6, and, even better, the car used to control it is an ‘82 Lancia Zagato — that’s being… » 8/03/15 8:00pm Yesterday 8:00pm

Here Are Five Really Shitty Cars That Deserve A Second Chance

Black sheep of the automotive world are everywhere - junkyards especially. They’re the sequels and no-hit wonders that no one wanted, much less asked for, but were they all that bad? Here are five crap cars that aren’t s’bad when you give them a real consideration. I have my flame suit on. Bring it! » 8/03/15 7:00pm Yesterday 7:00pm

World Superbike Rider Headed To Trial After Alleged Dick Move On Track

World Superbike racer Niccolo Canepa was at a track day at Mugello back in 2013 when something strange happened. A fellow rider inexplicably crashed while alongside the former EBR and current Ducati racer. Now there’s video, and you’d have to be blind not to see what went down.
» 8/03/15 6:30pm Yesterday 6:30pm

All These Jaw-Dropping Airplane Images Were Taken By This Flying Photog

Tyson Rininger’s name is synonymous with incredible aviation imagery. For over 20 years his work has been seen on the cover of magazines, the pages of aerospace books and above the dates on showcase calendars. His affair with aviation doesn’t stop at the viewfinder, loving all things air show related, Tyson was even a… » 8/03/15 6:00pm Yesterday 6:00pm

A Perfect Saturday Morning @ Period Correct w/ video!

Beautiful, just, beautiful. That’s the only way I can describe this Aventurine Green 993 Turbo. It was by far my favorite car hanging out at Period Correct last Saturday, a title not easily won. In addition to this final edition of air cooled wonderfulness, there were a number of other interesting vehicles on hand, or… » 8/03/15 5:35pm Yesterday 5:35pm

Tanner Foust & Vaughn Gitten Jr. Kill Every Tire at Auto Enthusiast Day

The Petersen Automotive Museum’s CarStories Podcast traveled to Angel’s Stadium for Nitto Tire’s 3rd annual Auto Enthusiast Day. Over 1000 show cars and 5000 fans showed up to watch Formula Drift champions, Ulta4 drivers and stunt bike riders kill as many tires as humanly possible. We caught up with Vaughn Gittin Jr.,… » 8/03/15 5:12pm Yesterday 5:12pm

This Vintage United Air Lines Training Film Is A Time Warp To 1969

Many aviation milestones happened in 1969. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left footprints on the moon, the Boeing 747 flew for the first time and the U.S. Navy announced that the F-14 would join its fleet. This 1969 video shows a behind-the-scenes glimpse of life at the United Air Lines training center in Denver,… » 8/03/15 4:13pm Yesterday 4:13pm

How To Read A Business Story, And Why Objective Journalism Doesn't Exist

If you want to understand the cars that end up in a dealership you don’t need to know how internal combustion works or the difference between a camshaft and a crankshaft. You need to understand the business of cars and to do that you need to understand how to read an article about the business of cars. » 8/03/15 3:50pm Yesterday 3:50pm

Mike Hull Flattered By IndyCar Leadership Rumors, But Dismisses Idea

There’s been one rumor that’s stuck around despite Chip Ganassi Racing Managing Director Mike Hull’s statements otherwise: that Hull is one of the candidates to take over Derrick Walker’s role as IndyCar’s president of competition and operations. Hull insists someone else is needed in the role.
» 8/03/15 3:24pm Yesterday 3:24pm

Gawker Media’s SecureDrop Is Up and Running Again

A quick announcement: Gawker Media’s anonymous SecureDrop portal, which went down for a few days as we moved the server into our new office, is up and running again. If you have information or stories to share with any of Gawker Media’s sites—and want to remain as anonymous as possible—SecureDrop is for you. Detailed… » 8/03/15 3:08pm Yesterday 3:08pm

Hyundai’s Hands-Free Liftgate System Is Laughably Bad

I recently went to the launch of the all-new Hyundai Tucson, which is the best compact SUV on the market. This took place in Minnesota, home to 10,000 lakes, and approximately 4.2 million angry mosquitos. http://truckyeah.jalopnik.com/the-2016-hyund... » 8/03/15 3:00pm Yesterday 3:00pm