Here Is My Highly Scientific Measurement Of How Fast My Lexus IS-F Really Is

It was January 31st, 2016. The weather was unusually great for this time of year. It was 60 degrees in the morning warming up to a nice and balmy 84 degrees later in the day. While my fellow citizens in the northern parts of the US were shivering under their electric blankets, wondering if they would ever get to drive…

This USAF UH-1N Huey May Be Old But It Sure Looks Futuristic Bathed In Artificial Light

The venerable Huey is still hard at work for the Pentagon. The USAF in particular continues to operate a fleet of 59 UH-1Ns primarily as missile silo tenders and security aircraft for America’s land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles located in North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. The type is also used for…


Sell All Of Your Shit And Buy A Ferrari Right Now

Every time some stupid show goes off the air, talking heads always refer to it as the end of an era when it isn’t at all - you’ll be able to binge watch the same episodes on Netflix until your eyes bleed or until you realize that your taste in sitcoms is severely lacking. However, when the subject is exotic sports…

There's A Convoy Of Autonomous Army Trucks Driving Through Michigan This Summer

This summer, the U.S. army is taking its next steps towards instituting autonomous military vehicles by dispatching a convoy of self-driving trucks on a highway in Michigan to test vehicle-to-infrastructure technology, Automotive News reports. That’s right: huge, self-driving trucks will be driving on public roads.