Dream Chaser Space Plane Could Take On Air Force Missions Like The X-37B

The USAF has fallen in love with Boeing’s X-37B mini space plane, but that does not mean they have a lock on its mission forever. Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser is larger and potentially more versatile than the X-37B, and if it finally makes it into operation, it could drastically bring down its price and… »46 minutes ago

The 2016 BMW M2 Is A 365 Horsepower Love Letter To Speed Freaks Everywhere

Feel like the M brand is drowning in a sea of crossovers and Gran Coupes? Worried it stands more for “marketing” than anything else? Do you long for the days when an M badge meant the car was built only for the purists? The good news is that BMW is here with a love letter for enthusiasts—a two-character letter spelled »Today 6:24pm

How the US Air Force reloads the largest combat jet gun on the planet

When you got one of the biggest guns in the world, you can’t just pop in a new magazine and start firing again. Well, you can but the new ‘magazine’ for the GAU-8 Avenger is so ginormous it needs to be trucked in and requires multiple Air Force guys to get the gun reloaded. It takes time to get giant bullets on board!… »Today 11:19am

Watch The Harrowing Video Report On The Missile That Shot Down MH17

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed into eastern Ukraine more than a year ago. From the very beginning, it was fairly obvious that it was shot down by some sort of ground-launched missile, and it was likely a Russian-supplied type known as an SA-11“Buk.” The Dutch Safety Board, which was investigating the incident,… »Today 4:23pm

The Fourth Annual Race of Gentlemen: Waterfront History in the Making

For their fourth year running, third year in Wildwood specifically, the Oilers car club held their annual Race of Gentlemen event. Delayed by a full week due to hurricane Juaquin, the racing was pushed from the 3rd and 4th to the 10th and 11th of October, 2015. »Today 11:45am

The Econom Teddy Was Just As Silly As Its Name

Amongst the myriad postwar microcars that were too cool to make it to production is this wee winsome fellow, the Econom Teddy. It was designed by the impressively named Hellmuth Butenuth and is the only car I know of named after a stuffed animal. It was meant to be the cheapest car in the world. So cheap, the company… »Today 1:08pm

Journalists Spying On Tesla's Gigafactory Rammed Security With A Jeep: Police

A photographer with the Reno-Gazette Journal was arrested last week and charged with a felony after police say he and another journalist from the paper were caught trespassing at Tesla Motors’ Gigafactory. And when they were busted, the journalists ran down security employees with their Jeep until the local cops… »Today 2:06pm