The 2016 Honda Africa Twin Will Conquer The Wilderness Starting At $12,999

The Africa Twin name is a legendary one in the Honda stable. The bikes dominated the Paris-Dakar Rallies in the 1980s, and now they’re back in high-tech modern form. And priced to compete, too: Honda announced today the new CRF1000L Africa Twin will start at $12,999. » 9/01/15 12:23pm 2 minutes ago

Welcome To The Garage, The Ultimate Blog For People Who Get Their Hands Dirty

Humanity’s greatest strength as a species is our willingness to challenge the impossible. To see a towering mountain as merely something that has yet to be scaled. To look to the stars and dream of going there. To convince ourselves that a $500 Alfa Romeo Spider on Craigslist is not only a fantastic idea, but a … » 9/01/15 10:34am Today 10:34am

Back to the Future summarized in 1.21 minutes is still gigawatts of fun

Back to the Future is the best movie series ever. That’s obvious. And this 1.21 minute summary of the trilogy by Burger Fiction is the best movie summary ever done in 1.21 minutes too. Just watch it. It’ll make you want to pop on the movie and see Marty and Doc galavant in different points in history all over again. » 9/01/15 9:45am Today 9:45am

Honda Is Building An Open-Cabin Cart Of Awesomeness With A Racing Engine

This week, I learned one very simple rule. Open air, light, moderately powered cart-thingies are shit tons of fun. I’ve been driving/riding/piloting a Polaris Slingshot, easily the worst of the cabinless cart options, and even that thing is impossible not to have fun in. Take that, add another wheel so it handles… » 9/01/15 9:24am Today 9:24am

Why Buy NCAA Football 2K3 For PS2 When You Can Get The Jalopnik eBook?

Sure, the 2003 NCAA Div-1 Football season was pretty spectacular, but would you really rather have NCAA College Football 2003 for PS2 instead of the Jalopnik Book Of Car Facts And History Even Gearheads Don’t Know? And, the Jalopnik eBook is like $0.36 cheaper and doesn’t require a Ps2. » 9/01/15 9:00am Today 9:00am

What Would A GMFCA Merger Look Like?

Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne is still on a quest to merge with General Motors, and seems to be the only one who thinks it’s a good idea. GM has no interest in such a merger, so I don’t see how it can actually happen. But if it did, what then? The two current competitors have a great deal of overlap in their… » 8/31/15 11:07pm Yesterday 11:07pm