Watch This Super Carrier Carve Through The Sea During High-Speed Turn Trials

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) has returned to sea after spending 23 months in dry dock getting upgrades and repairs totaling 1.2 million man-days of work. Now the ship and her crew are getting their sea legs again, and part of the process is pushing the carrier to her max, which includes high-speed maneuvering. »9/03/15 7:42pm12 minutes ago

The Jalopnik Film Festival Will Be Earth's Greatest Car-Film Event Ever

The third Jalopnik Film Festival will open with a party and a screening of Adam Carolla’s Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman on September 25th in LA, followed by a full-day of films and panels on September 26th that include Ronin, Being Evel, and Havana Motor Club and Steve McQueen: The Man And Le Mans. Get your … »9/03/15 6:00pmToday 6:00pm

Check Out These Crazy Videos Of Yesterday's Military Comm Satellite Launch

Yesterday morning at 6:18 a.m. EST an Atlas V rocket with a cutting-edge Navy communications satellite onboard was launched out of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, lighting up the sky in a most otherworldly fashion. People in Miami in particular got an amazingly surreal view of the launch, with the videos below to… »9/03/15 4:45pmToday 4:45pm

Youth Car Culture Isn't Dead, This Washington Post Story Just Sucks 

Hey, why are you reading this website right now? Haven’t you heard car culture is dead? America’s love affair with the car is over, according to the ultimate arbiter of culture in this country, The Washington Post, and the Cialis commercial extras they asked about it. »9/03/15 4:15pmToday 4:15pm

The Felber Autoroller - A Frog That Climbed A Mountain

One of the most whimsical, in a wide field of whimsy, microcars of the post war years was the Felber Autoroller, a frog-like three wheeler from Austria. Austria isn’t really known for its cars, but with names like Ledwinka, and Porsche, and marques like Steyr-Puch and Gräf & Stift, it’s made some important… »9/03/15 4:09pmToday 4:09pm

Confirmed: Flaperon Found On Réunion Island From MH370

After weeks of speculation and thorough review, authorities have confirmed that the flaperon recently found on Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean is a part of MH370. The part’s serial number, which has been the focus of intense scrutiny, has been confirmed to have originated on the doomed Malaysian airliner.
»9/03/15 3:52pmToday 3:52pm

Just Sit There And Drool Over The Gorgeous New Singer 911

New Singers are about as rare as flawless emeralds, and even more beautiful. So when this awe-inspiringly green car, officially known as the “‘Manchester’ 1990 Porsche 911 Coupe modified by SVD” showed up, we’ll admit we spent precious minutes just drooling over it. Now it’s your turn to drool, too. »9/03/15 3:33pmToday 3:33pm

Project: Make The Weirdest Period-Correct Digital Dash For My '73 Beetle

Just in case you haven’t spent two painful minutes talking to me, I should probably come out and admit that I’m a huge dork. As a huge dork, I have hugely dorky interests, like woefully obsolete display technologies and woefully primitive cars. It seems like the right thing to do would be to combine these interests.… »9/03/15 1:21pmToday 1:21pm